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  1. I just finished the grass trial, so you are ahead of me! I accidentally caught a shiny mudbray! I wish there were more clothing options! Festival Plaza is cool, I have a couple of the shops that level up your pokemon, which is pretty useful for me! !
  2. They are both, so you get to be right twice. Nice! I am having fun with the game so far, I have a pikachu and have just finished the water challenge. The art is cute and I have like 50 different pokemon! It's been fun and It is really helpful to have an expert in the house that I can question repeatedly.
  3. Cool, thanks for the tips. For now i'll continue to just use the pokemon that I think look cute/cool and keep sending the weird egg-diaper guys into the screaming maw of the endless abyss.
  4. hey guys this is my first pokemon since Blue, (I played Black for a few hours but wasnt feeling it) and it's been fun so far. @DragonAvenger is a legit pokemon master and she has been helping me when I have questions, but there a lot of things I don't even know that I should be asking about. What are some tips that you'd give to an absolute beginner?
  5. i haven't seen him on the forums in awhile, I think he will understand. No one has said anything about my birthday in years on here.
  6. great work, Displacement Roll is awesome, as is Warhawks, which is my favorite from the OST. Great variety, and a nice soundtrack!
  7. we'll add you - we usually do an ARAM or two every night.
  8. i'll do Ephemeral Memory
  9. You guys have less than a week to finish up, I hope your entries are great!
  10. Gamer's Rhapsody 2016 November 18-20, 2016 Minneapolis, MN - Doubletree by Hilton Minneapolis http://www.gamersrhapsody.com OC ReMix: Video Game Music Community/Lovers of Greatness! DAY AND TIME TBD OCR is all up ons the Rhapsody of Gamers! We'll be running a panel, hosting a remix contest (enter HERE! Deadline is Nov. 15!), and presenting a very special OverClocked University DJ set! Attending: Arrow DragonAvenger FenixDown OceansAndrew
  11. is that a pro genji? that's a pro genji.
  12. I dont think the game is that well known; it was semi-niche when it came out, and it was released around 25 years ago. I do think the music is great, and I am really excited about your versions of the songs. The first track sounds great!
  13. Yes. As someone who plays guitar/bass/drums/saxophone/keyboard, it is something you build up over years, and not all at once.
  14. if you want to submit your entry that combines songs, it is valid! Do your best!