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  1. This is the main reason i'd like to get this. Nice form function with what is hopefully a simple UI to select games and is not illegal. I have nothing personally against roms and the like, but I prefer to pay for games. $2 a game overall is really a great deal as well.
  2. I picked this up and thought it was really good, you guys should give it a listen as well. My favorite tracks are "wonderful" and "second chances". Great work, Amy!
  3. yeah, i've already retweeted, etc. I think it's great
  4. picked it up yesterday and it's really great Haven't picked a favorite track yet, but there are 3-4 of them that are frontrunners
  5. Overclocked University is about halfway done with a rendition of the final rap. If you'd want to include it, let me know
  6. I think an easy way for it to be modded or improved, or better/more efficient rendering. I have been trying to install mods to my minecraft server for a long time with no luck. Huge pain in the ass.
  7. Minecraft 2 would be sweet!
  8. Which champions are good for attack when you have no teamwork? It seems that in the few games i've played, its super easy to defend, but it's really hard to attack. Teamwork is probably the answer, but I never expect that, since people love to run in one by one and die. What champ can i pick to go in with one other lemming to fight it out and have the best chance of making progress?
  9. Thanks guys for picking up and enjoying the album! <3 We are working on 2 albums right now - Sophomore Year and a second one, focused on just one game series. ETA unknown, but it will be less of a wait than it was for this one!
  10. I did actually spend some time thinking about the flavors and how they would be represented by the music. They might not all be completely perfect, but I think several of them are spot on.
  11. I caved to peer pressure and bought the game. I have no experience in any real team games, so i'll be basically just running around and dying, but I like the art!
  12. In case you were wondering, these flavors are canon: Hope Springs Eternal - French Vanilla Swirl Time Crush - Peanut Butter Fudge DJ Snivy's Smooth Moves - Peaches and Cream Jin's Tonic - Mint Chocolate Chip Guitar Dragoon - Cookies and Cream Wind in Your Hair - Orange Pineapple Sorbet Golden Flowers - Caramel Praline Femmes Fatales - Cherry Chocolate Chunk The Witching Hour - Strawberry Semper Saltare - Cookie Dough
  13. O MY WADDUP! The album is here and you can check it out/buy it! http://overclockedrecords.com/release/spring-break-dj-set/ Please let us know what you think, it's been a lot of work!
  14. if Logic was on PC's, i'd switch. Until then i'll have one of each.
  15. 6 more days! We are really excited to hear what you guys all think about the album! The physical discs are being produced and should arrive within the next day or so, and the digital ones are all being tagged. Hyyyyyyypeeee