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  1. can confirm this happens a lot -______-
  2. If you enjoy it, then it's not a waste. As an investment, maybe a few games would appreciate value, but 99% of them will not.
  3. I loved this, great work to everyone involved!
  4. Mixing was weak but the arrangement and performances overall were good enough to nudge this over the bar for me. Some EQ surgery would help the drums and bass feel punchier, and would also help highlight the performances a bit better too. Keychange felt a bit awkward, but the energy of the section helped out a bit. Good enough for me, nice work! Yes
  5. This is pretty cool overall, i like the creative use of sound effects that creates the mood, but married to a decently tight arrangement. There are a lot of surprises that jump out, but the pace and structure is maintained, giving the piece a direction. I think a little extra variety at the end or a slightly shorter run time would ave strengthened the overall track, I think the work presented is solid. Nice work, Yes
  6. it was fun last night playing league - i'd definitely do some more of that.
  7. I will be back on the project. The reason I left was strictly personal between Brandon and I, and we can leave it at that.
  8. Who is going to MAGLabs next month? http://magfest.org/maglabs It is the newly-named MAGFest Classic at the old location! Besides the elevators, the hotel was super sweet, and the smaller crowd it holds is a lot better for general chilling. Nothing can take the place of the legit main MAGFest, but the theme this year is sort of like Portal, and features a lot of experimentation. OverClocked ReMix is going to be there as well, experimenting with some new and cool panel ideas. Also, OverClocked community people performing there: DJ FLEXSTYLE OVERCLOCKED UNIVERSITY STARGATE Confirmed OverClocked community attendees: Arrow Bahamut DarkeSword Detective Tuesday djpretzel DragonAvenger Flexstyle Geoffrey Taucer Level 99 Neblix OA theshaggyfreak Tom the Drummer If you are coming to but aren't on the list, let me know so I can add you!
  9. I already stated in the other thread that I am completely fine with the monetization. I opt in! Yes
  10. The only thing embarrassing was how you handled yourself here. You have a historical pattern of this, and I am personally done with it.
  11. Don't worry, none of them are true, Brandon is just being Brandon.
  12. also tracks 4 and 7 are on OCR itself
  13. Some of the Licensed OCR stuff is on spotify
  14. This is the main reason i'd like to get this. Nice form function with what is hopefully a simple UI to select games and is not illegal. I have nothing personally against roms and the like, but I prefer to pay for games. $2 a game overall is really a great deal as well.
  15. I picked this up and thought it was really good, you guys should give it a listen as well. My favorite tracks are "wonderful" and "second chances". Great work, Amy!