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  1. APZX's BONUS: "Egalic" Nice use of Obeirman synths there. That pitch bendy synth reminds me so much of Axiom Verge - and your percussion work is probably the most MNP of all 3 of us - very Halo-ish sounding, which is good. Lots of nice reverb/delay effects on it and it is VERY robust. That bass is nice too. Cool reverb kick too.
  2. Thanks for providing feedback for both of us APZX. EDIT Oh! Forgot to comment on your BONUS thar. Gotta re-listen to it...
  3. Chalis has 1 more day to submit me a source tune, otherwise it's MY pick. Muahahaha!!
  4. Whew sorry for the delay. I'm gonna hand the round to Chalis. Feedback: "Step into the Future" is well, it's very liberal, but I'll grant that the MIDI was quite limited AND it's difficult to emulate an expensive pitch bending vocal sample. The percussion also felt off the mark when stacked against the source tune - BUT that being said, I thought the sound design was an interesting idea - something befitting an original chill-out oldschool electro-pop jive. Thanks for participating Chalis! Chalis, please PM me for round 71.
  5. Intermollesting.......might take that avenue with MnP as well. Watcha think Bundeslang??
  6. Now that is an interesting idea...wasn't even aware there was an OC Discord group lol!
  7. First. Sneaky sub!!
  8. Thanks mate. I appreciate that too, gotta keep PRC alive too y'know. I'll have to participate more often...my schedule should allow for that at least for a small time.
  9. Extension: Deadline: March 26 Sun @ 1 PM Vote Ends: March 28 Tues @ 11 PM
  10. I think I shall extend the round for realme to get a chance to submit. My final test for my course is tomorrow anyhow. So extensioneruuuuuuuuuu!!!
  11. Alright you PRC slooots, I voted!!! Maybe I'll parshitstipate next round, the Canadian way eh?
  12. 2 days to go
  13. I know this post is old, but this idea is pretty nifty. I'm thinking it might be better to make "The Mixit Challenge" an actual competition as this IS the competition Sub-Forum. The idea is pretty cool though! As for samples, do you mean primarily .wavs and soundfonts (and similar derivatives)?? It'd be hard to provide VSTs - but might be do-able, if they're free. Care to elaborate on what you mean by "pooling samples"?? Thanks!
  14. Submitted, albeit that is a matter of subjectivity. Anyone care to try and kick me off the throne? Feeling a bit lonely atop that hill. Hah!
  15. 1 week to go, 0 entries. That might change Saturday or Sunday, cuz I'll probably participate