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  1. Lol that was pretty bad ass
  2. Gotcha. Those are good tips, thanks
  3. That explains a lot. I guess...it might behoove us to contact SoundCloud directly. Because block/report as spam aren't seeming to work. God damn. Just thinking about this is making me upset. Now I know how all of the people felt back in my early 2007-9 days when I was a little shit on AOL and mIRC when i constantly harassed them with needy shit. Good ole karma eh? I'm sorry OA and Darkesword T_T
  4. That's the thing, he's now lurking after me through comments of other people's SoundClouds - so now they're getting involved o.O - I believe that he is blocked on my end presently.
  5. Cougars eh? Hopefully not the skags lol. That must get wearisome esp if you aren't single. Yeah. It's very, very weird. He isn't overly literate either, I'm starting to find. That makes it even creepier. >.<
  6. Normally, I would be flattered that I've a fan, but it's a real toxic one. On Soundcloud. I've had to block him 3 different times, as he'd used slight variations of different profile names (assuming it's a HE, could be wrong), his current profile is Luxray214. And he keeps pestering me to remix Castlevania 4: Dracula's Theme. Now, he's following my comments in friends' profiles and responding to me there. I had to constantly delete his comments on my remix Uploads, because it was just causing me too much anxiety. I tried PM'ing him to talk some reason to him and it was like he never got my response at all - like it never happened. I don't know WHY this is particularly getting under my skin...maybe because I'm already in a state of heightened anxiety, but this Luxray214 kid is really causing me a lot of grief. What should I do???
  7. Judging by all of the room limitations I'm likely gonna face, I'm gonna have to send the MIDI keyboard back. An 88-keys is roughly 5 feet long and won't be very convenient for the set up I am thinking of. Gee, I wish I had just asked at OCR and done more research before I took the plunge. Luckily, AVSound has a return policy I'm thinking I MIGHT escape with a 77 key, but it's prob gonna wind up being 61 once all is said and done. Which makes me a bit sad, but c'est la vie.
  8. Finally got a MIDI Keyboard...should I get a stand for it? Or should I just get a bigger desk? How do the MIDI keyboard users of OCR do your set ups?
  9. It probably means that the other channels need their own mixing TLC on top of it. Have fun with that man and best of luck :3
  10. ^ next round is up.
  11. You and APZX are more than welcome to BONUS mix that - I'd like to see such a mix. However, for the sake of keeping things MnP, I'd ask that the elegible participants for this round to stick to 1 track. Sorry if that seems Draconian up in the biznatch (EDIT), but I have to lay down the line somewhere for this compo hah T_T
  12. We got us 2 picks. For the newcomers to MnP - no, you can't incorporate both remixes into the same track as that would make it not very MnP. Pick one or the other. Unless you wanna do a BONUS, wherein you can do whatever you will.
  13. Compo: MnP (Meat 'n Potatoes) Star Ocean - 'Cutting Edge of Notion' & F-Zero - 'Mute City' MIDIs Cutting Edge of Notion Mute City Youtube: "Cutting Edge of Notion from Star Ocean 3. This is the main battle theme from the game, so it's pretty upbeat and purposeful. It's got several different parts to it so hopefully it will be fun to cut it up to be pieces of the mashup for this round." -Dexstastic F-Zero MUTE MOTHERF*#(ING CITY!!!!!!!11!!1!!!!!1!!!!!!!!11!1!!! I dunno why but the last one kind of got me on this, and plus I've been wanting a reason to play with the track for a long time now. Sorry, couldn't help myself but this song just gets me pumped. Plus, it isn't nearly as cliche as Big Blue Best, -Austin "APZX" Deadline: April 29 @ Sat 1PM Vote Ends: May 1 Mon @ 11 PM Submit your remix Here when completed. **If you have technical difficulty with account activation at ThaSauce, please contact me via PM and I will submit your track and will also tally your vote** MnP ARCHIVE - made by Trism MISSION STATEMENT The goal of Compo:MnP is to promote that "meat and potatoes" conservative approach to remixing: this includes the mood and composition of source tunes. It is up to the remixer to create their own personalization, or to simply give it a sound upgrade. Moreover, the compo is a great opportunity to hone your remixing skills and give video game music the respect that is due. SOME reinterpretation is recommended, but not required. MnP Instructions/Guidelines Covers and Sound Upgrades are permitted. Most or all of the source notes must be present (but not necessarily in the exact same order), secondly the mood (energy, pacing, feelings being conveyed etc) should also be retained. For example, a source tune that is fast-paced and energetic that's remixed into a mellow/chill-out theme would be a hard sell. If you decide to do a genre swap (i.e. symphonic to techno), make sure that the conditions of #2 are met. Submissions must be at a maximum of 20mb (keeping in step with ThaSauce's file size max). Only 1 entry per participant. Previous winner cannot participate but can submit a BONUS entry. Please don't make any comments about people's entries - including your own - until the Voting process is concluded. BONUS entries are exempt of this rule. All competitors and voters must adhere to the rules stated within: Competition Code and Conduct MISC/TIPS - When picking a source tune, make sure it has a MIDI to make ppl's lives easier. - In-game sound FX are permitted, so long as they don't comprise the whole track (i.e. replacing entire MIDI tracks with just sfx)
  14. Alright ladies imma get the next round off the ground shortly. Had a busy day today...shoulda done it last night, but #reasons. Anyways round 2 is on the way. Also, there is no such thing as over-compressing something APZX. Wall-of-sound compression and clipping is wholesome and good - especially for the ear drums. "Dun dun dun dn dn CLIP IT." "Dun dun dun dn dn CLIP IT GOOD." (done in the style of Whip It Good!) .....okay I'll see myself out the door. Again.