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  1. Welcome to the Voting Stage! There are 2 entries this round. There is 1 Bonus entries this round There is NOT a voter bonus this round, due to only 2 eligible entries. Dex has a vote worth 2x Don't vote for Bonus entries please Participants may not vote for themselves Vote ends Sept 29 @ 11Pm Comments: Bit of a slow round, but we do have 3 tracks, even if only 2 of them can be voted upon. The +3 voter bonus isn't applicable this round for obvious reasons, since it would just be me and Silverpool trading points lmao (Kind of the catch22 for me when I participate in MnP...). Anyhow, I will submit comments in a mock vote - @ Silverpool: though I shant discourage you from submitting your own mock vote. And since my vote is awash, I would ask that people who didn't participate, especially the last round winner to submit their own votes. ..sorry for all the edits.
  2. Sorry about that, extending now. Round extended until 11:59 PM today. But I will not extend to 18th. Fuck it I'm making it midnight.
  3. I found the EQ work with the percussion and some of the instruments real frustrating and sort of gave up on it. I need better EQ software - I'm using BlueCats and FL Parametric EQ 2, guess it isn't enough. EDIT) I didn't notice too much EQ issues at all. Heavy metal isn't exactly the easiest genre to get perfect imo. EDIT2) Not that I make too much in the way of metal, but I did notice other OCR people frustrated with it back in the heyday.
  4. Awesome bonus entry. Inspired me to work on my own a bit more. Nice work Dex
  5. Anyone else got anything in the works?? I will extend this round to only the 17th, because I'd like to get round 82 rolling and fit the timetable for 2x Howlow'en back-to-back stuff. Sorry if this comes off as Draconian. Also, is your BONUS ready to be sub'd Dex? If not, make sure to put it in before 1PM 17th TUES. Thanks!!!
  6. Theory lessons is always a good idea. Stop self sabotaging yourself Esperadooooo T_T. Never did attend magfest. And yes the newbie circle is where its at
  7. Yes, at one point I was the bane of OCR, now I am it's savior!!! Muahahahaha. All stupidness aside, we look forward to seeing you return Shid0. Hopefully I don't mean this in the "Royal We" sense. That would be creepy.
  8. Yeah I know full well - it always sounds perfect the first time. Then you sleep on it and go woaaahhh
  9. That was quick. Haven't even started yet T_T
  10. That is probably the logical conclusion T_T (or maybe the J panel scared off everyone)
  11. And I just got shadowbanned from YouTube for daring to have political views that don't tow the line. Google needs to be broken apart - they've gone wayyy beyond their moral and legal purview as a business entity.
  12. Can't say they're on YouTube either, considering how many YT'ers have quit due to being demonetized.
  13. Just realized that we are remixing an OCR remixer's original piece. We've gone full circle :3