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  1. The feeling is mutual. Yeah, not really feeling it either. If it's time for PRC and MNP to pass on into the ether, then it's time. Pretty burnt out myself on the compo hosting thing, so I know how that feels heh. Thanks for filling in for me TVG - and whatever happens, happens - as they say. Cheers~
  2. (EDIT...I hit enter too soon LOL) Sounds fair. Sucks it has to be this way, but the compo scene was definitely in a downturn since probably as far back as 2014, though there were some definite upticks here and there. I'll defer to your decision with MnP, TVG. As for PRC, it has been a wild ride and some seriously good times and kick-ass remixes. Thanks for being such an awesome host @Bundeslang (EDIT 2) I'd like to add that you were very patient with the more difficult participants (myself included, at times). You've shown nothing but class and aimed to keep the experience a positive one, despite the BS that came your way from time to time lol. You are a true gentleman and scholar Bundeslang. Pardon the 2nd edit, I am having a hard time gathering my thoughts and overcoming my anxiety all at once lol. I was planning on just coasting along and doing nothing for the rest of the year, but that will have to change, considering the situation... I'd be remiss not to add an entry. Hopefully Bundeslang will be joining in for the fun too!
  3. Yeah, the remix name kinda sucks. Couldn't think of a better one. Oh well. Source Tunes Remixed: Item Room, Lower Norfair, Upper Norfair.
  4. Update to YT Video... Bandcamp Spotify Apple Music Amazon Music
  5. Big thanks @Ridley Snipes and @Hemophiliac with helping to make* this banger atmospheric remix come alive! U guys da best~ Source: Sector 4-2 Underwater Area
  6. Sources Remixed: Phendrana Drifts + Edge (Both areas)
  7. Now available for use in Indie Games. Get it here! https://hoboka.itch.io/grim-dark-works-of-doominess-vgm-bundle Playlist for Category Themes...
  8. Hey http://williammichael.info/aocc/ seems to be down. Is it a maintenance thing or?
  9. Changed to @realHoboKa from @HoboKa_Music, if you guys can add that in to my Profile/Metadata whenever it is possible. Cheers~
  10. Oh god...why have you summoned my name? And this all happened maybe a month or two after I went into OCR's Discord and boasted, "YEAH I made it guys, I'm sooooo pro now!" (or something along those lines)... Then BAM two rejections. The Judge Panel really keeps you on your toes here, Jebus Miste.
  11. Updated the video! Also, thanks for posting this collab-mix, and for promoting my albums OCR!! ?
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