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    I like to game (of course), draw, write, play piano.
    Recently started playing Banjo-Kazooie tracks.
    (I figured out Treasure Trove Cove. It's C E G E G A G E G A G # B(flat) C B(flat) G# G E; C E G E G A G E G A G # B(flat) C B(flat) G# E C.


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    I have perfect pitch, which means that I can tell how out of tune a piano is, or just about any instrument.

    I have a FanFiction account. It's the same name as this one.

    I can play nearly any Zelda song out there. Name some. I'll tell you if I can play them.
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    Lauren Stanisz (It's Polish.)
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    Student; Need to get a job/find one but too lazy/not ready to T-T.
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    Electric Guitar (Rhythm) (can do basic stuff)

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  1. Is this even still alive.....? Waiting on that review, Nika.
  2. Hello there, everyone. I have very recently become interested in the Final Fantasy series. I have watched speedruns on 7 and 9, and I an currently watching a full walk-through on 9. I have played 3 (6) for the SNES Classic and it's actually fun to play (just mash Fire Beam!) (Moogles are OP). So, for the PS1/PS2 games, which one should I start with first? I have the game guides to VIII, X, X-2, XII I shall also start playing Chrono Cross soon.
  3. A wild Nikanoru appeared! Welcome to the team, @Deedubs !
  4. SNES Classic

    Just beat DKC in under 3 hours 0-0 new record.
  5. SNES Classic

    having played some stuff. Music gets cut out a lot. Have played LttP, SoM, SF, SF 2, DKC, FF3 (or IV) so far they did change some stuff for SF 2. The intro is longer and they changed the in game font to cursive. Not sure what else OH "I control the Lylat System." ~ Andross; Star Fox 2 Yeah. HE TALKS.
  6. SNES Classic My parents stood in line for 2+ hours to get two. Store they went to only had 10 units. They were 5th and 6th in line. We're going to sell one of them.
  7. An OverClocked Christmas Vol. 11 (read first post)

    Thanks for replying. So I can do covers.... Swweeeetttttt.... So who do I send the completed track to? And will it be reviewed before the due date?
  8. An OverClocked Christmas Vol. 11 (read first post)

    Hi. Sorry, Coop, but I might have to drop out. I can't think of what to do, and besides, if the quality of what you're looking for is OCR, then I can't do that just yet. If it's just covers..then I can do something. Need more info.
  9. This is great. ALL OF THE CHIPS! (And I caught the SMB cameo nice job)
  10. I have decided to take on the task of converting the SF NP Comic to SCRIPT FORMAT. WHY? BECAUSE I CAN! More shall be added as each section is completed.
  11. ....I think I'm good for the update....???? (Need a review. Also what is going on with SCRAMBLE and Cornerian Hall of Fame)?
  12. I'm back with another remake. I used various Final Fantasy Mystic Quest sf2s (replaced the recorder with square because it sounds better), drum set is the custom standard from Xiload, used the Orch Hits from Drill Dozer The electric guitar is better quality than Star Fox's, which is cool. Added the original and had a hard time getting the two to sync. This is as close as I could get. reviews are appreciated.
  13. An OverClocked Christmas Vol. 11 (read first post)

    Does the "no cover" thing still apply? Like a note for note mash up of several songs? (with some key changes and stuff to flow better)
  14. I think this song is what inspired DS for that Corneria intro.
  15. The one that's in bold up there (the SHABAM one) ? Sure. Yeah, that one. I changed nothing but the bass and added the breakdown into "C"/another round of "B" Wow. These new headphones are awesome. Wow. OMG MY MIX SOUNDS SO AWESOME NOW.