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    I like to game (of course), draw, write, play piano.
    Recently started playing Banjo-Kazooie tracks.
    (I figured out Treasure Trove Cove. It's C E G E G A G E G A G # B(flat) C B(flat) G# G E; C E G E G A G E G A G # B(flat) C B(flat) G# E C.


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    I have perfect pitch, which means that I can tell how out of tune a piano is, or just about any instrument.

    I have a FanFiction account. It's the same name as this one.

    I can play nearly any Zelda song out there. Name some. I'll tell you if I can play them.
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  1. 6 months later. I WILL REMAKE THIS IN FL!!!! I WILL DO ITTTTTTTT.... Keep watch for it in the post your remixes thread!
  2. Reposting a tip so it can be seen better: Hold the right bumber (right trigger on N64) to turn faster when swimming or flying (BK-BT) REDFEATHERS- 100 Red Feathers (have to talk to Cheato first) YELLOWFEATHERS (20 Yellow Feathers) ^ BLUEEGGS (100 Blue Eggs) ^
  3. So I started to play Banjo-Kazooie on the 360 last night to prepare for Yooka-Laylee... I haven't played the game since last year. Even then, I'm STILL somehow better at it. I forgot how much fun it was. Got through the first level in 13 minutes. (Best time for me.) Two deaths so far, currently on Bubblegloop Swamp (Get someone else to free you, Clanker!) (Tiptup, no one's going to help you with your music if you kill them if they make mistakes...) What's funny is that the top ten spots for overall times/levels/everything are the same people, just sometimes in different spots. Also very happy about the changes and stuff, too (saves EVERYTHING that you do, no more "Save and Quit" to save. NOTES STAY WITH YOU WHEN YOU DIE!) Had to remember the controls, of course. Also: hold the Right Bumber (right trigger on N64) to turn faster when swimming or flying. (Thanks, ADGQ!) Any other tips/codes/games that you've played by Rare, put them down!
  4. ...I can actually buy the (have around $380 now, gonna get a bunch more on Friday. Why? IT'S MY BIRTHDAAAAYYYYY!) Buuuttttt, I can't. Not can I preorder Zelda or Yooka-Laylee. ($100 bucks, (might include taxes...?) More if you want the game guides.) In fact, I can't even BUY them until the reviews start pouring in... (Might change later...?) We shall see.
  5. So...does anybody want to break down "TMNT 1- Title" for the NES? Anyone? Also DS, please break down some SF OSTs! If you're up to it, of course. I can't do it cause I'm currently taking "Music Theory" now...and I only use FLS to make stuff soooo....
  6. Firebird. (Wurlitzer is AWESOME) Saurus and Nucleus demos (save song, close program, reopen program and song to have demos again, you must save and exit and then reopen the song periodically)
  7. About time another Skyward mix showed up. Agree with the choir sounding...a bit fake, but you do what you can... Everything else is great.
  8. ...Something happened to Neilfion's post....? Came into my g-mail at 2:45 pm today.... If it ever shows up... BotW will NOT be lackluster! Only thing I see wrong with it is that the stamina bar's in the middle of the screen instead of off to the side and frame issues...though the frame stuff might be the same on both versions....and some VA...of course people are going to get mad over Voice acting.
  9. Just wanted to share this with all of you...samples are fun to work with... Not being submitted, this was just for fun. Feedback would be nice...I guess... Any other tracks that'd you'd like me to do, just ask!
  10. In the words of the penguin Private from one of the Madagascar movies "I DID IT!"
  11. What do all of you think of Super Mario Odyssey? Might be a Super Mario 64 sequel...
  12. Okay. As I had posted in all caps, I figured out how to pitchbend in FL. So...expect pitchbends from now on.
  13. I CAN NOW PITCHBEND!!!!!!!!! I might do a "for fun" "cover" of "Meteor" to show-case this. Will post a "cover" of Gangplank Galleon using the DKC 1+2+3 samples! Not in this topic but in the "Post your ReMixes!" Stay tuned... But, yeah...just waiting... Nika, Pichu, Gamer, DS, Are we done on the other two tracks for now? No one's really saying much...
  14. I LEARNED HOW TO PITCHBEND! Simply select the "squiggle" and "triangle" symbols to the far right of the "change color" option in the piano roll. place a note of any length (make sure another note is just underneath the note you want to pitchbend!) next to the note with the symbols. You can play around with length/time of the notes. I shall be posting an example of pitchbending this weekend in the "Post your ReMixes!" thread.
  15. Yep, the internet will explode. Trust me.