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Soul Calibur V

So yeah, fellas. Some of you may have seen Namco-Bandai's latest countdown clock, which most people naturally assumed would be for the next entry in the Soul Edge/Calibur series given a few hints from the game's producer, Daishi Odashima and the clock's imagery. At a Namco-Bandai press event(in Dubai no less) today, the producer went ahead and released an announcement teaser trailer of the game(incidentally to a press crowd that looked like they had all just taken some Ritalin).

It's speculated that once the countdown clock ends in a few hours that we'll get a web page with the current info we know or maybe a bit more. As for the info we DO know:

- The game is set 17 years after Soul Calibur IV and takes Siegfried's ending as canon.

- Sophitia's son, Patroklos, will be the main character.

- All new characters(potentially entire cast) will be making appearances while previous characters that show up will appear "old and frail"(not sure how upper 30's is frail, but whatever).

- Gameplay will be faster than SCIV and apparently they're taking steps to ensure better online playability.

- ...Return of guest characters... Ugh...

There are a few more details at the Eurogamer page here, but what do you all think? Will we finally have a game that has longer legs than SCIV ever did? Will there still be any insanely cheesy exploits a la Kilik online? How big will Ivy's breasts be THIS time around or will they just sag around on the ground by now(to which I point you all to Mark MacDonald's retweet of a handy "reference chart")?

Anyway, check out the producer's Twitter feed for the latest updates.

Get hype!

Update 1: Here's the link to the main site. They're currently displaying incomplete character sketches that people can help complete by liking the Soul Calibur page on Facebook. Thus far Pyrra, Seigfried, and Mitsurugi have been revealed this way. Get to liking that page!

Here's the first gameplay trailer





Originally Posted by Coffeeholic
^ Is your true name Rambo?

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This is incredibly exciting, but I am not sure how they will make it work with all new characters.

Staples like Mitsurugu, Kilik, Ivy, Sophitia and especially Setsuka (for me) will be hard to let go. But if they keep their kickass style while appearing older, it could be very interesting.
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Old 05-11-2011, 04:45 PM
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Sophitia's son, Patroklos, will be the main character.???

17 years after SC4!!!!! what the fuck
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Old 05-11-2011, 05:24 PM
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Does this mean we're not getting half the chartacters back? Or will SC5 be filled to the brim with 50-somethings?

I imagine that we'll get all the younger guys and gals (Xianghua, Talim, Kilik, Yunseong, Seong Mina), and then expies of the ones too old to return.

You are now imagining a 55-year-old Ivy.
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Old 05-11-2011, 05:29 PM
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I think skipping time ahead is a good idea since when you think about it the plot of the first four games is more or less exactly the same
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if they make it less about tits and more about gameplay then consider me interested

though after seeing the "strict" female tits thing on that dudes twitter im pretty sure im gonna skip this one

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Originally Posted by Thalzon View Post
...will SC5 be filled to the brim with 50-somethings?
Mmmm... wrinkly Voldo...
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Well, I'm excited for it.
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Originally Posted by Thalzon View Post
You are now imagining a 55-year-old Ivy.

? Close enough, also could be a LOT worse.
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Looking forward to smashing all of you via the interwebs.
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