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  1. I had no idea the Metroid could arrange a 25th anniversary album. Protip: "Arrange" is a verb.
  2. I used to record songs from the radio onto tape. Recently I discovered one of the tapes and attempted to seek out the individual songs by Googling lyrics and cross-referencing the stations I recorded from. It took a while, but I have most of the songs as MP3s on my iPod now.
  3. I'll just leave this here: http://superslam8mixes.ytmnd.com/
  4. http://soundcloud.com/jhsounds/rellik-kirby-tacular-jh-sounds Here's my edit of a Rellik track from the OverClocked ReMix album Rise of the Star. http://kirby.ocremix.org/ I've always felt that Rellik's track was a tease, i.e. the most compelling part appears briefly and then fades out. This manic edit was my solution to that. Cheers. P.S. a downloadable version is included with my latest album The Duosis Sessions as a hidden track.
  5. Happy birthday! Here's a music video I made for Shael and the DIB's song "Hobby Model".
  6. So the show devolved into people describing things I can't see, and a chatroom filled with nothing but URLs. Great way to wrap up the weekend.
  7. Happy birthday! It's too bad we missed each other at NY Comic Con.
  8. Tonight's episode is automatically my favorite ever for indirectly referencing mangú. Just like Mom used to make!
  9. The schedule and lineup have been announced. http://remixedmedia.org/schedule
  10. I'm going to buy this. Gotta support my fellow writers in the community.
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