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Super Smash Bros Brawl

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Good Lord. Why does everyone want to destroy me at this game? This is why I'm not putting my Brawl Friend Code into the database.

Simple. Because people are hypercompetitive and want to be the best. And usually that involves beating the tar out of the current best. Which is you.

I must admit, all of this "Smash GT" stuff has me curious. If other OCers pick fights, I don't suppose people would be willing to share footage of the fights somehow? Might be interesting to see some of the board's best at work.

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All this talk of beating GT makes me envious. I wanna play too. Sad Panda.

And now I am hosting 2 of the Brawl tourneys at the Gamestop's in my town. Apparently, I am the most informed Smash Bros person at all of the Gamestop's (maybe the city) and they want me to run it for them >.<! Shitty thing about that, after the midnight launch, I of course want to play all night. So I wont get any sleep then I am running another tourney limiting my play time :(

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Played the english Version @ GDC. Was awesome though only let us play with Wiimote mode. Also only one Nunchuck and one Classic Controller per TV (there were 3). Wiimote mode is fun to play and not too hard. I would prefer this to play with my younger family members if I ever do play it. Played as Lucas, he's so awesome. Was funny, it was the retail copy, so every once in a while after a few VS battles we would get a new challenger screen but the Nintendo people would grab the wiimote and reset the game and/or delete the save file. Can't wait for this game to come out.

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There's this one line in that song, that dub video had "This monkey wears to work" and the other video had "you could eat with a spoon YEAH"

Whenever I hear that line in game, I always hear "But the TV Exploded!"

The lines the videos used don't sound at all like what I heard :P

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I'M SPEECHLESS.... somebody actually chose the Widescreen option on their standard aspect ratio TV!!!

AHAHAHA now the Dojo update about choosing your display setting has increased in comedic value:


But some people may not know if they have a normal TV or widescreen TV, and may not even know what difficult terminology like 4:3 or 16:9 means. Right? Who knows all that stuff?



The two shots above... Wrong.

Also that stage looks incredibly lame, and is being played by 4 comps =/

......and maybe they actually DO have a widescreen TV, but scrunched the video down for Youtube??

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