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Super Smash Bros Brawl

Arek the Absolute

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I can't see the video! :c

also is peach allowed in tourneys even though she can pick up Random items? :P

In melee Peach's items are randomly picked from a set number of items (a few different turnips, mr. saturn, bomb-omb, and beam sword.) In that game she is not banned.

In Brawl, to my knowledge, she can pull the same items. If she were able to pull any new items, I'm sure that this would only occur if those items were turned on in the first place.

I've yet to pull anything except normal turnips thusfar in my (small) play-time with Brawl. And she hasn't been banned for anything in Brawl yet, so you can use her in tournaments in that game, too.

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Also, items that are different from orange cubes occasionally appear

And the Dojo continues to not disappoint! :)!!

Also yesterday/today was Samus' moves update - looks like the moves are exactly the same! Ah well, I'm not complaining =) I was mostly curious about how much delay is before each move, but I guess none of the updates show that...

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Poor baby, a whole two weeks away? However will you manage?

Crush all anticipation. None of that shit here, thanks. How are we supposed to get work done with people being "excited" left and right. Wipomatic, it's up to you and me to get rid of all these unseemly enthusiastic sorts.

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First day of spring break when it comes out for me.

I haven't preordered either, but I'm hoping that I can pull what I did for Galaxy and walk in Wal-Mart on release day and just grab a copy, since apparently no one goes to Wal-Mart to buy games in this town, and they must go to Gamestop.

My Wal-Mart has finally caught up with Wii demand, I see 1-2 now everytime I go in there. They still sell out; last time I was in there both were being bought.

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