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OCR Conspiracy Theories.

Less Ashamed Of Self

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I'm curious to know if there are some unexplained OCR happenings that I might not be aware of beyond the remix change log. Artists changing their identities, perhaps subliminal messages in mixes, or certain things that maybe 'don't add up'... or really cool things that DO add up in a crazy 'coincidental' way.

I guess this is similar to the 'OCR Trivia' thread I saw about a year ago... but I'm anxious to see if there's any great unexplained phenomena around here I'm just unaware of.


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I dunno if anyone else notices this but I've noticed this trend where occasionally djp posts a Voices of the Lifestream project instead of other cool shit that everyone wants posted. I think it's a conspiracy transition from OCRemix into FF7Remix

It could happen *lol*

Dost thou dare insult FF7?!


Just because it had revolutionary graphics FOR ITS TIME and it had random encounters, does not mean it was crap.

Well, there's the whole thing about a certain artist POSSIBLY stealing other artists songs...but its being looked into etc etc.

(basically, old news ^^)

Also, I can't find the links to the torrents page...ALSO HERESY!!!

(and yes, I know that right after I post this, I will find the link, and 1000 people will send the link. Meh, murphy's law FTW...)

EDIT: yep, found it :)


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<Liontamer> Prot never told you what happened to GrayLightning

<dhsu> he told me enough...he told me you killed him

<Liontamer> No; I am GrayLightning.

<dhsu> no...no...

<dhsu> that's not true


<Liontamer> Search your feelings; you know it to be true.


* dhsu has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)

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