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OCR00914 - Red Alarm "Red Dimension"


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Yumm, this remix isn't done in the original instruments that made it, but somehow it reminds me a lot of the beeping type music of the Virtual Boy, thats good in two aspects. One, I really don't like the sound of beeping synths (like NES music), and two I really enjoy mixes that are true to the original. Very good stuff, I almost wet my pants seeing the game on the screen, hehe :D

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Hehehe. I liked this song for the most part. Has anye one here ever heard of Dj Trance. No, I mean the ORIGINAL Dj Trance. The guy that basically invented goa and psy trance. Well anyways the style of this song was very similar to one his most famous songs. It is called trancesexual. No, I mean the ORIGINAL trancesexual. There a million songs out now with that name. Anyways this is my little rating system.

| 10 | Concept:

A perfect TEN! concept is the general feeling that an artist is trying to create when he/she makes a song. In this case McVaffe nailed this one perfectly. All the riffs, including percussion fit flowed flawlessly.

| 3 | Repetition/Timing:

Ouch! This song's main weakness is undoubtedly it's rampant repetition. It took FOREVER to change in several areas. Any lesser song would have completely fallen apart. This is a huge compromise to concept more than anything else which is why I listed it second.

| 8.5 | Synths/Samples:

Extremely good synth work here. To some people it may seem like just a bunch of beeps yet it was this exact almost retro sound that really helped solidify the concept. My only problem is that some of the synths caused signifiacant pain to my ears. I think the freq. was too high along with the already top notes pitch on certain sounds.

| 9 | Structure:

Very well done. Everything seemed to be in the right order. I noted a few very minor extemely insignificant areas where things were a little out of place so to speak. But as far as I'm concerned it's practically perfect for what I think McVaffe was trying to do.

| 7 | Transitions:

The transistions in the beginning of the song are beyond brilliant; particularly the one that begins at :24 and pitch shifts like mad. Unfortunately as the song progresses..... .....they seem to digress. The intro and and ending were a bit well......... There weren't really any. It just sort of began and then builtup then just ended abruptly.

This rating is carried mostly by the few displays of brilliance where Mcvaffe really showed his Vinyl.

| 6.8 | Overall:

I thouroghly enjoyed this song. Although I have never played the game or even used the system, I somehow get the feeling that McVaffe more than adequately fulfilled and built upon the original's song's intent and feel. I recommend this mix to anyone for at least ONE listen. Once again the hefty length and mad repetition kind of ruins it for me a little but didn't entirely prevent me from enjoying this song overall.

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Great stuff again by McVaffe. Here' we have a fusion going on. Trance and Freestyle. Yea, must be true about Long Islander's and their Freestyle loving. And then it breaks off into some Epic'ish moodness. and finally back to the freestyle goodness. I myself am a fan of this type of sound, especially for gaming. This remix got game remix written all over it. It's 80'ish rythm, fused with today's technology, and subtle strings and winds, makes this worth the download for any retro gamer.

My only wish was for some ambiant sounds like rain&thunder, or windy forest in the background. Im hoping McVaffe will take this next step into the world of sound. :hint:

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Hi McVaffe! Pretty damn slick mix here, Though not my favorite Genre - I found this more then enjoyable, Deffinitely a keeper - on top of that -> You Remixed Red Alarm, Bonus Points!

0:01 - I love the synth techno feel right here..the bassline sounds cool too.. does a great job of getting you in the mood.

0:21 - Love the selection of instruments here..

0:30 - Cool work, but .. I think the drumbeat could be just a tiny tiny bit louder. Also, Though i know how the original sounds, and the notes your using Are for the original, i don't like how they fit here. but it only lasts for about 7 seconds

0:48 - More Cool Snyth-y work here.. love it.

1:00 - The lead fits really well, I love how its used.. and you do a great job of keeping it interesting, That i like :P

1:22 - Though.. I can't quite put my finger on it, while this mix is really sweet, Im constantly waiting for you to just let everything go and push at it even more..but .. for some reason i don't see that happening.

2:00 - Not my favorite part here, but it sounds pretty good, and it works.

2:30 - Sweet part here.. feels like your building up to something, i Hope so.

2:52 - Cool Synth intro..more building..Long song.

3:20 - No climax - but .. i love this part right here..Almost forces you to dance to it in some respect.

4:03 - On my tastes, that simple, synth lead has gotten boring by this point :( i wish you would've mixed it up a bit more, i think this is the 3rd, maybe even 4th time its played. although the backround is always Dynamic and changes every time, but you gotta mix the lead up too!

4:48 - Cool change, but Id still like to see More. Your still not pulling out all the stops that i think you could've.

5:05 - I dislike the ending here..its just a simple fadeout.. while I think it works, Mcvaffe, i know your capable of more :P

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Of the 642 tracks I have downloaded from this site, this one here rates in my top... hmm... ::counts::... 5. Maybe my top 3. And that's after I've had it for 9 months, and listened to it many times. I don't remember falling in love with it instantly, but this one really grew on me over time.

Note: Best effect is achieved with a powerful subwoofer. Although I still like this piece while wearing headphones, it's not the same.

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I've never played Red Alarm, I've never even heard of the game but from this song I can tell it has sweet music! The style and instruments McVaffe's chosen are great!

1:21-1:28, I wish McVaffe emphasized this part later on in the song or made it stick out.

Just before 1:50 it starts to build up, I was waiting for something amazing but instead it all falls apart and splits into a seperate section. The same thing happens again at 3:20 and once more at 4:21. McVaffe should have pushed it and kept it going.

Oh well, still an excellent song!

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I think I was one of the few that dared to look into the scope of that infernal machine. Kinda screwed with my vision afterwards @_@

Anyway, I don't remember much of the music, and I don't really need to. McVaffe got this song down so well you can just imagine yourself on a red-wire jet, shooting down the enemy in the thin-red-line world that McVaffe painted so well.

This one's a classic, hyped up shooter song, don't miss it!

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This one is super crisp and clean, the synths are all very well balanced and panned, so you can hear every element at all times. I do think a little more bass would have made it rock a bit more, but it's still very nice.

Arrangement does get a bit repetitive, but there is plenty going on, and the grooves are pretty hot, so it doesn't detract as much as it could have. There is an underlying current of development, and it seems to work its way from the bottom to the top, which is a pretty cool sonic effect.

Lack of an ending is too bad, but the song itself can stand on it's own.

Good stuff.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR00914 - Red Alarm "Red Dimension"

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