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Nintendo asking for Virtual Console suggestions


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Donald Haviland of the Facebook group Videogame Music Doesn't Get Enough Credit just sent a message on this, so in case it hasn't been mentioned here yet...

Also, please note the full list of available and pending VC games are listed on Wikipedia, with each column sortable, so you haven't got any excuse not seeing a game that's already listed.

Mail vcpoll@futureus.com with your top 5 picks.

Hello, fellow gamers! I just thought I'd let everyone know about an interesting poll Nintendo is conducting. All of the information can be found here:


Basically, they want to know what five games that Wii owners would most like to see as downloadable for the Virtual Console. This doesn't happen often, so seize the opportunity to tell Nintendo what you want! In case you're wondering what I'm putting on my own list, I've chosen:

1. Super Mario RPG

2. EarthBound / Mother 2

3. EarthBound Zero / Mother

4. Illusion of Gaia

5. Kirby Super Star

Happy gaming everyone!

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I think nintendo's doing this just to be assholes to Mother fans.

We all know damned well earthbound wont be released even if its the only thing that gets requested.

So true. "Oh! Mother won't sell well in America! Final Fantasy is more loved than Mother!"

BULLSHIT!!! Nintendo, stop being bitches and give us some Mother/Earthbound lovin'!

My List:

1. Mother/Earthbound Zero

2. Final Fantasy IV

3. Final Fantasy VI (III)

4. Mystical Ninjas Starring Geomon (Nintendo 64)

5. Final Fantasy III (Famicom)

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I think thats the problem with many if not most RPGs out there or all of them. The companies don't want to break away and show some other light out there in the relms of RPGs. Mother, the old school Dragon Warriors, Lunar, Breath of Fire and the like. I mean, sure, FF had some great games, but they're not the best thing since sliced bread. Unfortuantly, I think Nintendo is latched onto them thinking that they are.

Hell, for that matter, throw Chrono Trigger onto that list.

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