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Whats a good, short anime I should watch?


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I would like to start this thread by officialy publishing a definition for my very own "Google syndrome".

It is when you get on a search engine for absolutely no reason and sit there for minutes trying to decide what to search. Also the same thing happens when you actually need to search for something, to a lesser degree. I cant be the only one who does this.

Anyway, Ive got Google syndrome everytime I go on Veoh to download anime.

I want something short, maybe a movie or a 12 episode shindig. None of this bleach crap where approximately jack shit is accomplished every episode because the anime is being produced alongside the manga and to fill for time they have 1 minute scenes of the guy running.

Just so you know, Ive seen elfin lied, FF7 LO, Street Figher 2 The animated movie (sweetness), and samurai champloo, black lagoon, Deathnote, and Evangelion. Im looking for similar stuff.

o and mod I have a knack for being an idiot so if this is in the wrong forum plz move it instead of deleting it im desperate here

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Eva isn't short, but together with the movie it's one of my all-time highest-ranking video experiences period. PERIOD.

FLCL is short and good.

I liked The Big O a ton. It's only 13 episodes long (well, if you watch the second season too, that means 26), and it's awesome. Maybe. Some people don't like the art style... personally, I love it.


All-in-all, if an anime hasn't yet been marketed in the USA at this point, then don't expect it to be much more than decent (unless it's old; old stuff is the tits). People who watch Haruhi and Lucky Star and claim to greatly enjoy such experiences baffle me to no end.

Also Elfen Lied was emo garbage. Never was there anything to think about, ever, except "gee, can it get any more TITS and BLOOD?" I guess if harem anime tits symdrome and gore are your thing then this is a fantastic viewing experience. "Oh man these plot turns. Did not see that coming no sir. Gee." Also, if you can't do CGI RIGHT then don't do it, imo.

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Normally I'd say Cowboy Bebop since it's a great default, it's a fairly short series (25 episodes if you include the movie), and and it's easy to process since besides a small overall plot, the episodes are mostly contained stories, but I don't know if the overall style is really you. Dang good music though.

However, I will definitely recommend Louie the Rune Soldier (just Rune Soldier in some cases) for you. It's really medieval fantasy / comedy, but it's also really cool. It's about the same length as Cowboy Bebop as well (24 episodes if I remember right).

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We do have an anime thread, so you really should post there...


On the other hand, this is kind of a specific topic, so I'll let it slide. I'm thinking about killing the Anime thread though, it's just too general.

Anyway, check out Black Lagoon. It's 26 episodes, but it's a whole bunch of smaller arcs thrown together without a huge overarching plotline. You can stop after any of the story arcs (though I don't know why you'd want to, it's very good).

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If you want short (1-13 eps/movie):

FLCL (you say it fooly cooly, I think)

Paranoia Agent

The BIG O Season 1 (I love you guys)

The King of Fighters Animated movie (if you like crappy kung-fu stuff)

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

Gundam 08th MS Team

Longer: (26ish)

Cowboy Bebop

The BIG O Season 1+2


I think that's about it. I HIGHLY recommend Big O and Paranoia Agent, but I love all of these.

DJ Metal

Edit: I should probably mention that all of these have great English voice acting, and all have pretty good Japanese voice acting, if you're more puritanical about these things. =D

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