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Cheesy/Horrible/Memorable Quotes In Video Games


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How is this not a favorites thread.

It containeth not the word "favourite" in the title, therefore it cannot possibly be such a thread!!! Thou liest!!! /sarcasm

And yet it already has 4 pages. I wouldn't think that was so sad it if it was the oppoiste type of quotes being used. But hey, at least its better than the live journal type threads that were getting spammed not so long ago.

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How is this not a favorites thread.

I think this is kinda different because no ones going to go "omg that wuz such a bad quotezzz, flameflameflame", they'll just laugh at the ones they remember and give their own for others to remember and laugh at. I really don't see this becoming a flame war.

Also, "Let's Mosey".

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"Humongous gravy boat! Basketball cheesesteak! Skunks playing poker! Felt-tipped pomegranate prophecy!"

-Eidon, Magi-Nation

"I guess even a MONKEY can get lucky every once in a while..."

-Gia, Magi-Nation

"No, Grandpa! That's just some stranger who walked into our house!"

-Some little girl from FFVII

"Nothing can beat the sound of thousands of voices screaming in unison!"

-Kefka, FFVI

(Paraphrased a bit... can't remember exact quote):

"The world is on the brink of destruction. Yuna! What should we do?"


"Let's sing!"

-Brother and Yuna in FFX-2


-Victory message in Rainbow Islands

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"I give this lockpick to you, Jill, the master of unlocking!"

I think the best part about this was that in Dead Rising, there was a restaurant called "Jill's Sandwiches", and the description was something to the effect of "Come get a sandwich from Jill, the master of sandwich making!"

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I liked one in the E3 trailer of MGS3, when Snake's holding up a guy on a motorbike, and the guy says:

"This is no vice city, it's a jungle", and drives off.

Other than that, All Your Base is still quite good.

Oh and Mr Saturn's famous "BOING!", or a Moogle's "Kupo". It's little things like that that make the whole thing complete.

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