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Welcome new judges Fishy and Another Soundscape!

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Many congrats to the both of you! I'd say something else to the effect of congrats, but I'm too darned tired. Spent the whole night working on the following animation because I was bored and I have no life!

Hope you two enjoy it, cuz I made it for the special occasion. FEEL SPECIAL! Picture links to the somewhat better-quality Flash file.


(Yeah, I know it only mentions AnSo in it, and that the guy isn't even a picture of AnSo, but I couldn't find a picture of either of you, so... I decided to just make one with a generic picture and then make an individual one for each of you if photos were provided...)

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How can we be so certain that this is the soundscape suitable for the job? I don't what you think, but this sounds fishy to me.

j/k and congratulations to both of you. Enjoy the phenomenal cosmic powers.


I like it how the JUDGE attack is of Dark type.

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But... but... you just evolved into a Shtyjdgfgt. You're no longer capable of love! :-P

This is 100% awesome. You are the most Georgian Jedi I have ever met.

Why thank you, it's... wait, I'm Georgian now?! I just got used to being Elizabethan!

I like it how the JUDGE attack is of Dark type.

That was something I knew would be the case from the start. I wasn't quite sure what the others would be, but JUDGE was Dark from the get-go.

... Now I'm feeling the urge to start doing other animations again like I used to...

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