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OCR01721 - Terranigma "Afternoon Tea with SnappleMan's Mom"


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best name of anything ever

Okay so I haven't heard the source, but I like this remix! It's all waltzy and it makes me want to ballroom dance. Whether this is a good or bad thing is up to you.

It's relaxed, it is orchestra-ey, and I normally do not really dig them kinds of mixes but this one for some reason I am liking a whole lot. I can't put my finger on why this is, though.

Good stuffs.

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I've had this one on repeat for some time now, and it is most certainly a mellow creation. The beginning suited the title very well, since some tunes on the ol' ivory goes fairly well with a good cup of tea. I got disappointed when the parts including the majestic royal music arrived shortly afterwards, which crumbled my expectations of a complete song devoted to a good afternoon chillin' at the porch. Instead, it goes back and forth between waltz and the music score for a fancy chocolate commercial.

But this is also me taking the title way too serious, despite the obvious fact that it's more of a joke since it refers to snapple's mother who supposedly have very delicious tea. Even though the arrangement doesn't stay on the same magnitude through the whole thing, it still retains its mellow atmosphere. And last time I checked, variety is a good thing.

Jolly well done, my good man. o_q

Terranigma's one of those games that has very hardcore fans

You're sure right about that one.

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The percussion novely at 1:26 was really cool to me. And I like waltz. But regal stuff... nah... But that's just my personal taste getting in the way. Sticking with flowing, melodic stuff instead of beats, beats, beats, was a brave thing to to. And the wright thing. Well done!

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Thanks everyone for the kind comments on my remix. :-)

The story behind this isn't quite as funny as it could have been; it's basically just some friendly trash-talking to my friend/nemesis, Snappleman, who gives me great critique occasionally, but mostly just insults. :-) The afternoon tea part is more of the feel of the song itself. The string-heavy sections are all original based on the original's chord progression, BTW.

This song was my introduction to the Dwelling of Duels competition, so I figured i'd need a hardcore name to instill fear into my duel opponents, thus the OA/Hopefails dual name.

One cool trivia fact is that because of this song, no one is allowed to quantize their lead synths for DoD anymore. I'm kinda proud about that one. <3

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This warm and gentle remix has recaptured the precious moments that we've all had with SnappleMan's mom and I would like to thank OA for making it.

Though I did enjoy the first listen of this remix, I find that there is a little more to be desired. Yet, I also feel that pursuing something more "interesting" would also take away from the dreamy and fantasy type feeling. For things like this, just keep it the way it is and let other people sort it out. Both OA's name and the title of the remix caught my attention when downloading this piece as I liked his remix from Phoenix Wright before. It definitely is different, but in a good way.

I am looking forward to more OA ReMixes in the future!

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Despite what others have said, I think the entire song fits perfectly with an afternoon tea/day on the town with Snapple's mom. Parts of the song really remind me of Howl's Moving Castle (GREAT movie btw) as well as Illusion of Gaia (having never played Terranigma).

There were a couple parts where I didn't think some things fit quite right. Some of the background/countermelody was a little strange to me.

Overall, I love the emotion this has.

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Frilly! There's a word I haven't used in a comment so far. Very frilly.

Suitable and loyal to the afternoon tea mood and all its connotations: cravats, doilies, sweet rolls, hand-painted crockery. The juxtaposition between that sort of lifestyle and that of a hardcore Terranigma fan amuses me a lot. I smell a sitcom.

It's great music to memorise rules of table etiquette to, not that I ever have/will.

Something to be careful of is to have a determined goal in mind about what the mix is. I mean, I took it as a bit of a joke, but I know that if the mix was somehow supposed to be a classy, refined expansion of taste, the fact I found it funny may be quite insulting. Though, considering how farcical the title is, maybe we can all rest easy on that one.

Fun, whimsical Miyazaki-ish waltz. Is OCR crying out for more in this genre? I think not, but I'm glad another gap in the diverse range of the site had been occupied. Nice work, OA.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01721 - Terranigma "Afternoon Tea with SnappleMan's Mom"

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