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OCR00970 - Super Mario Bros. 3 "Battle Rocks"


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Wouldn't call this funk, but I will call it freakin' fantastic.

I kinda wish the notes stayed more true to the original, but the intrepretations are good.

Excellent sample qualities, and this Blues Brothers-esque piece just sounds fabulous.

Sounds like the "Runaway Five" got a hold of Mario.

Is it me, or does Super Mario Bros. 3 inspire the strangest mixes?

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All I can say is wow. By far the most acoustic sounding production done electronically I've heard on this site. Great job...this one is a keeper.

I'm VERY curious on what samples you used. Sounds like you used the Memphis Horns library, but I might be way off. I've got to know what killer samples those were. INCREDIBLE! Great job using them too!


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Oh, I'm certainly glad this one got through the Judges so fast. I listened to this when AmIEvil put it up on the forums for public comment, and since I loved it then, I love it now. The rising brass and intro help to build up to the song itself, and when it gets in, there's no stopping it. The saxophone tes this bluesy gem, with brass blares and rolls in the background to add to the effect. An organ comes in at about the :55 mark, giving a little more variety to the piece and keeping it from getting too repetitive - that is, if it could possibly get repetitive. The jazzy riff with the improv sax therein is very snazzy, and during the last forty-five seconds the brass takes backseat to a somewhat eclectic organ solo in the foreground. AmIEvil has always put out quality ReMixes, and jazz mixes are usually some of my favourites, so this lives up to all expectations. "Battle Rocks" has a very realistic, human feel to it and the instrumentation is very well done both in arrangement and the quality of the sound. This one is definitely one that'll be staying on MY playlist for some time to come. Thanks, djpretzel. Thanks AmIEvil. Thanks OCR!

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This track rocks. Period. I can picture this being in a crime-caper flick like Ocean's Eleven or The Italian Job, in a montage where the criminals are getting organized and everything. Either that, or it's the perfect night-cruisin' track.

Ever since hearing Mustin's awesome Sax skills in Controlled Jazz and The Atomizer, not to mention Cecil's Jinn & Juice, I've had a soft spot for the sax, and this piece is like a bolt outta nowhere. With awesome instruments, a good supporting piano, and a solo in the middle that I adore, this is easily one of my faves.

9/10 for its somewhat too-electronic organ.

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