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OCR01729 - Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories "That's What You Get"


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I think this would actually be the second mom & son collab, since MomUltimA was also playing in DrumUltimA's "Moon Rhapsody".

We know, but that was more of a cameo, whereas the involvement here was lot more extensive, and a legit collab.

I loved it when I first heard it, and I love it now. Awesome work from Doug and Sharon on a classy powerhouse of a mix.

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Initial Response:





[a KHCOM OC ReMix]

Glace-Over Response:

Hah, mom & son[g] (wow, and a professional violinist)


OH, a final boss song *doesn't recall which it is*

Read-Through Response:

*reads violin play*


Oh, violist


Hah, Philly. / Oh, well the title kinda fits for Marl's fuck-arounds, too (prev. impression of title).

Aw, bad feelings?

*doesn't know technical lingo*

"breath" and "refereshing"

Pre-Listen Response:

Ah, first [Marluxia] battle. Was thinkin' "Scythe of Petals" for that one, given the actual use of the scythe (not counting Nobo-mech arms).

Post-Listen Response:

Pretty good. To be nitpicky (though I'm not a bard by measure to any here), the times the focal noises start seem kinda off by fractions of a moment (the last instace I'd say would be when the violin and whatever that oh-so-neat oise thing sync again), along with the violin giving a similar feeling of silent hiccup within the middle of its bits. Then again, the violin overal has a pacing thing with me, since I think of the Org battles sounding a bit faster, but I haven't listened to the Re:CoM version in an in-mind while nor have I played the battle in COM much (due to it being the last in the game that's one-off). For its startoff, it takes some time to pick up any volume (I tend to keep my volume lower, so playing it in playlist will prolly cause me to check what just came on), but once it picks up, I can roll with it. The vocals... while they were alright, I think their quality/type/etc. stood out from the kind of sound made by the other bits, a bit too strong/sharp, if you get what i'm saying. My favorite thing in it, though I often like to think I'm a violin[-liking] guy, is that previously mentioned weird noise thing that came in early and picked up up somewhere midway. Makes me thing of GB music (particularly PKMNTCG, but that may just be a fresh-subject-in-my-mind correlation). I'd prolly rate the song at two to three stars for my playlist (where one is when I want to notice it in list but not sure if I truly dig it, two being something that would rank among regular listens, and three being something of mainstay status; four and five are for "yes" and "very yes", respectively). Then again, don't take this all to heart, since I focus on particulars too much (makes it hard for me to watch/hear/play some things), and I'm not too up on critique (makes me think I should just keep out, not wanting to muck waters and all).

The coincidence of grabbing the second COM comic book (with the Marluxia battle(s)) a bit before coming here gets me. Really, to see work done on these sad-ish songs by a ReMixer (or a pair, in this case) makes me happy. The long violin noises and the pritting... bass, I'll assume, make for a throwback to the in-vain yet faux-furious nature that represents the Nobodies so well.

not about to re-read my wall-o-text fully, but since this is one of the songs to end up on my one Gig .mp3 player, I find that I at the least like it, and at the most I get borderline teary (esp. on parts like 3:43-ish). Again, feels like the tragedy and struggle of the Nobodies' condition in musical form.

Moved this back here, since I prolly don't know what I'm talking about, really. However, this song is damn awesome. Maybe what endears it over listens is learning the song, and building yourself up with the song as it goes along. Also, some of the synth noises bring thought to the Golden Sun games' "instrumentation" (and, wouldn't you know, a GS song pops up after this song finished).

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Wow. YOUR MOM! I just wanted to say that. Seriously though, she's an awesome violinist, and your work on the rest of the mix is excellent Doug. Nice mix of synth and acoustic. This is actually (to me) very reminiscent of something I'd hear in the Chrono Trigger OST or on a Black Mages album, especially with your nice long Uematsu-esque synth key solo. I liked how that segued into your mom's ever so smooth violin work too. Just a good mix all round. If you can't get her to post, tell her I enjoyed it!

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That sounded very unique. I don't know if the lo-fi lead synth was to my taste personally, but combined with the extremely human violin and other textured instruments it makes for an interesting contrast. I like it.

Really looking forward to future mixes from you both, as well.

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I'm a sucker for violin, I really am. First remix in a while to make it onto my hard drive after the crash that wiped out my collection of OCRemixes, and certainly instant MP3 player material. [deleted awesome violinist mother comment]

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I'm impressed. How many remixers here can say that they've collaborated on a mix with their mom?

Kingdom Hearts Remix? Awesome.

Getting the KH's violin down? Nice.

Remixing KH with a violin supplied by your own mom? Priceless.

You both did an incredible job! Kudos to you both!

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It's kind of strange but listening to this I find myself thinking of a ton of other games than Kingdom Hearts. The violin in particular reminded me of of the Final Fantasy XIII trailers while some of the more... synth-y(?) parts sounded like Megaman to me. Either way it's fantastic and definitely downloaded.

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I love the drumwork here, and I definitely love the synth you are using.

While I really like violins, the one in here doesn't really gel with me. In some places, especially in the beginning and from 4:28 on, it seems somewhat distant, detached from everything else that's going on in the song. However, it works well in some other places, e.g. around the 1:50 mark and especially when it's slowly introduced at 3:38. So yeah, mixed feelings about that one.

Btw, the "background noise" you use in the beginning and the end of the song is really nice when listening with headphones.

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A little too much reverb on a few elements for my tastes, but then again I always like to have at least one thing in the mix pretty dry. Drums and violin are beautiful; great rolling patterns mixed with a soaring melody is a recipe for delicious.

Synth parts are pretty good too. :-)

I played through this game and also had the sound turned off, so I don't recognize the melody either, but i'm sure it's very nice, based off of this remix. :-)

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