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Another request.

I need a good choir soundfont, or sample. I already have an excellent "ahh" choir, but now I need a: "ehh" and "ohh" choir. Also, I need a sample of a "ss" to place at the end of a note. So it will sound like:

"Ohh-ss. Ahh-eeh-ohh-ss."

Get what I mean?

Anyway- help me. Thanks.

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Darkesword I took all of your soundfonts and they all are great. Thanks man.

I'm looking for really authentic-sounding guitars.

Bass, acoustic, electric, everything.

And this one's a little weird, but a human vibrato whistle.

Did you check the stuff I posted a number of pages ago?

If you didnt, before requesting again, check the thread and you might find some stuff you didnt know you want yet, lol. This thread is one of the best resources on the site.

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I need a good Church Organ soundfont. The ones at Hammersound are horrid, and I couldn't find any other ones on the net...could you help me?

First post here. w00t and all. :)

There are two excellent organ packs here: http://www.gbmuk.fsnet.co.uk/soundfonts.html . Both are free for any non-commercial use, and I haven't found anything better anywhere.


[edit:] Apparently, the english organ *is* up at hammersound, sorry about that. I apparently skipped over it browsing hammersound because I already had it, so I didn't realise it was there. Still, I'm surprised you found it 'horrid', it might at least be worth a second look. Jeux d'Orgues 1&2 were pretty good as well, I thought, and I consider myself very picky.

Also, a request: the traditional Greek instruments! I can't find them anywhere, which seems odd. Specifically, I'm looking for a decent santouri (large hammered dulcimer), bouzouki, baglama, and zourna. If there was a chance that I could find all the other Greek instruments I'd ask, but since I can't even find *those*...

I'd also like to find a good outi/ud, and I *have* seen those around. Early Patches have theirs up as a free sample (http://www.sumerauer.de/early_patches/dokumentation/english/strings.htm), but I don't really like how it handles down deep at all (all props to them, though, because people who sample medieval instruments are just cool on principle.)

And yes, this does have to do with a possible Greek remix of a Rockman theme, and yes I am Greek so I'm not going to screw it up too badly.

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I dont wanna sound greedy or anything, but I've seen a soundfont circulating around online, I didnt get to get it et but im looking forward if anyone has it to share. a Korg Triton soundfont for the drumkits on the workstations. I saw it somewhere it was on emule or somethign but i havent seen it since.

Anyone know where I can get it?

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Wow this is really embarresing but im new to this so ill ask. I understand what a soundfont is, but when i download one, where do i go and what is it saved as. I want something that i can insert into cooleditpro or something. Sorry for the newb question!

You can't use a soundfont in cooledit pro. CEP is not a sequencer. It's a mixer that lets you mix together waveform files. It doesn't generate tones, or utilize any kind of algorithm to manipulate samples so that you can actually write music with.

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Aequitas, check m-#####'s !soundfont thing for strat_marshall2.sf2. This is an awesome guitar, make sure to apply some Overdrive/Distortion to it (although it's pre-distorted, this will make it less static). LAzee, I don't know either, but that sounds cool. However, it may surprise you to find how many of those samples you already have in your sample library, if you've spent some time searching for samples already (it's very rare to find a drum sample that is totally unique without being off-the-wall or strange; a lot of the time, kits are just compilations made from other kits).

Anyway, here's a question: where can I get good electronica hi-hats? If you've heard zwitra's Willed Assault, you know what I'm talking about. Solid, background-providing, in no way clicky or ringy, just totally awesome :P. So I'm looking for hi-hats like these. It's hard for me to distinguish individual hits because it's all so fluid thanks to zwitra's skill, but if anybody has more inisght than I do, I appreciate your input =). I probably already have samples like this somewhere, but I would have no idea that these are the right kind because, as I mentioned, I can't hear the individual hits.

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Harp: Miroslav harp is good, but if you cant find a way to buy it then...

Harp: Fluid2, which is an ok harp... need to do noise removal for obscure sounds in some of the samples.

Harpsichord: Fluid2, but EQ it so it brightens up a little more like a harpsichord would sound, and then its actually pretty good.

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Does anybody know where I could find some strings with a quick attack? Preferably soundfont, just as long as it can handle quick note changes. VST would be the best (I know its the wrong thread, but as long as I posted in here, I thought that I might as well ask for a VST too.) Thanks:)

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