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games you replay because of the soundtrack


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So, like... video game music is pretty cool, ja? But can it carry a game? Yes!

I've actually gone back and replayed games simply because the music was so awesome I couldn't leave it alone. Simply listening to the soundtrack wouldn't cut it... I HAD to replay the game, where otherwise I would have left it in a closet shoebox.

I have a few that torment me so...

Top Gear 2 (which is still awesome)

Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest (which is not still awesome)

Sky Shark (which I still cannot beat)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4: Turtles In Time (which... I guess outgrew the fighting game thing... sad, really.)

Anyone else suffer from this disease? What games ail you?

No doubt this has been done before, but I didn't see it in the thread history, so BAM! here it is (again).

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i ahve had this b4 but normally I dont end up playing through the game again even though I want to. The main reason is that after i beat a game if it has good replay value to me ill go through and maybe beat it again. Most of the vg music i listen to is not while playing unless its while im playin the game.

lets c the most recent game i loved the music ingame would prob have to beeither SSX:Blur, MP3:C, or some of the songs from Super Mario Galaxy

The songs from thse game are much better while playing the game although SUper Mario Galaxy is still awsome ingame

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I don't think the game really sucks, but I'm about to keep replaying Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia because I like the music so damn much.

And I dislike the arrangement of An Empty Tome. Gr..

I kind of started playing Lineage 2 again because the Intro theme was spontaneously stuck in my head. Then I quit. So the music isn't everything obviously for me.

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I agree with the above, Advent Rising had an INCREDIBLE soundtrack, that honestly boosted the game even further for me. Although I had kept track of it even before it came out.

Beyond Good and Evil. It wasn't until the moment you head to your first assignment that the music finally hit me. That piano tune,hit me hard, with the eels jumping out of the water. Or when you go through the mines, where that creature is hiding in a conch shell. I must have stayed there for about 5 or 10 minutes listening to that music.

For some reason, that game still hits me that way. I just hope the sequel will actually come out.

PLOK! The Follin brothers best Super Nintendo soundtrack. Speaking of the Follins...

I wish I could play Ecco Defender of the Future, I've listened to it's soundtrack and absolutely love the main theme, and a few others from it.

Mario Galaxy was one I have been going back through to experience the soundtrack. I believe it's one of Nintendo's best in the soundtrack department.

In the meantime, I've gotta rent Prince of Persia, saw some videos with the actual music, and it sounds like a winner to me.

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Cyber Speedway, but the Euro/Jap version with the BRILLIANT Koji Hayama soundtrack, Skeleton Warriors, Street Racer, (any) Toshinden & Formula Karts... all on the Saturn. I really, really miss the days of Redbook audio.

EDIT: I don't think any of these games suck... I love them all dearly... but these are games that I will play purely out of need for the soundtrack... the soundtracks make them better by half.

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Aero the Acrobat is the big one, for me. The gameplay is decent but I really only play it to hear the awesome soundtrack. There's several other games where I play it half for the game, half for the soundtrack. Also, I bought Lemmings 3D only for the soundtrack, but ended up enjoying the game more than I thought I would.

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