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zircon in Heroes (4/10 - and the Wheelman)

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Yep, featured pretty prominently. Pretty sweet.

How did you even do that??? Thank you! That's really awesome. In fact, thank you to everyone who has posted. I appreciate it. Ironically, I wouldn't have heard about this for another... 6-9 months because ASCAP and Pump Audio (the two organizations who would collect for this usage) are on the slow side.

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Nah, it's all legit, but like I said the people that compensate me for this type of thing move sloooowly. Here's how it works. Antigravity is licensed to a music library/publisher, Pump Audio, who basically makes it available to anyone who is interested. They also shop it around a bit directly. Once someone selects a song from it, they pay an upfront fee (for a "synchronization license") which is split 50/50 with me. I get my checks from Pump twice a year, along with a statement about who bought what. Otherwise, they don't contact me at all. Thus, I could have 1000 placements this month and I wouldn't hear about any of them until about 3 months from now when the check comes in. Sometimes, it takes even longer... for example, my music was used on some UK TV show DVD release which came out in April, but I wasn't officially notified until December of that year.

The other channel of revenue is ASCAP, the performing rights organization of which I am a member. Basically, anytime ANYTHING is broadcast on TV, the producers of each show or ad are supposed to report what music they use to the appropriate PRO. So, the people behind Heroes would tell ASCAP, "Hey, we used this song 'Warhead' for about 45 seconds on NBC at 9pm." This would happen for any subsequent broadcasts as well. ASCAP then uses some complex formula to determine a royalty for EACH broadcast, which is billed to the Heroes guys. Then, about four times a year, they would pay out those royalties to myself and Pump (another 50/50 split).

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