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Happy Birthday djpretzel!!


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Wha? It doesn't say it on the forum page... maybe he's secretly ashamed of his advance age.

Don't feel that way, man. Age is natures way of telling us we're outliving our enemies one year at a time.

Happy (invisible) birthday!

his birthday's July 25th

Roberto is a few hours in the future

or in GMT

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Aww crap, it's Dave's birthday. Oh well *bends over* let's get this over with!

Wait, don't all remixers take it up the ass from DJP? NO?! Hold the phone!

Kidding, bro. Actually, congrats on another year of health and happiness. I'm sure the future only holds brighter things, and thanks for keeping this community together for all these years, and for years to come.

*psychically sends a six-pack*

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