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What are you going as for Halloween?!


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Jordan was gonna do that... but we decided on doing a couple/costume idea instead. Good thing he found something else he liked... :P

I'm gonna do a female version of Robin Hood and Jordan is going to be a Money Pimp. Jordan came up with the combo matching at the store.. I married a smart man. haha


Also... I have it on Facebook but just to share it with everybody, we made a pumpkin of Kefka from the game Final Fantasy VI. Kool, huh? What do you think everyone?


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Last year, I went as the Riddler and got a lot of compliments about the get-up. Even managed to stay in character for most of the evening.

This year however, I'm going to be a little more devious. I've got a chicken suit I'm wearing with fake blood splotches and giant cardboard sign that reads "EAT BEEF OR DIE BITCHES" I was considering carrying a burlap sack with what looks like a cow head and maybe the cane of Col. Sanders, but I think that'd be taking it too far...

I hate Chick Fil-A cows. I love Chick Fil-A but I hate their bloody illiterate cows.

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Well at least it no one else posted this pairing first...

My future brother-in-law was visiting this month, and we had an idea when we stepped into Hot Topic. We picked up Mario and Luigi hats. I already had the suspenders purchased for just such an occassion, so this Halloween we will be Mario and Luigi. I'm average height and overweight, and he's tall and skinny. It's perfect! Pictures will be posted, though I don't know if he's gotten the suspenders. Ah well. If anything, you all will be exposed to my Mario-ness soon enough.

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History repeats itself. I had another awkward run in at the Community Center tonight.

Meteo 11:07 pm

I was chased down in the park tonight

by a hayride

Taucer 11:14 pm

shame the hell essay is fake: http://www.snopes.com/college/exam/hell.asp

Meteo 11:18 pm

what does that have to do with my North by Northwest style encounter at the park?

Taucer 11:18 pm

no, that was in reference to [21:53] Meteo: http://www.blogster.com/whiskeytango/hell-explained-chemistry

Meteo 11:19 pm

I don't think you're listening! I was running for my LIFE!

actually, it was a really awkward thing

Taucer 11:19 pm

haha, wait, what?

Meteo 11:19 pm

I wanted to go walk in the city park at night because I always do that around Halloween

well it turns out the Halloween thing at the Community for some reason was doing their thing tonight too

Meteo 11:20 pm

did you catch the Halloween thread by any chance? I wrote a nice detailed account of what happened the last time I went near that place

so I ducked out and took this other trail

which came to a long section that was river on one side and a tall wall on the other

and from around the corner came the fucking Hayride

couldn't get out of the way and couldn't get on, so.....

"Run, Forest, Run!"

I heard that twice.

Meteo 11:23 pm

true story

Taucer 11:23 pm


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