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Me three.

Me four. Or even a top view with outlines or something, but nooooo...

Dunno what bothered me most, that the controls were relative to the screen, that it felt like the block was rotating the wrong way, or that I kept confusing rotate for drop all the time. Headache/motionsickness-inducer? Not for me. Annoying? YEAH.

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Once I got the hang of it, I found myself frustrated by some annoying problems that aren't in normal Tetris (besides the obvious)...

1) When the block is up against the wall, sometimes you can't rotate it. That threw me off enough times to cause some premature game-overs.

2) I did not appreciate how the key-repeat worked when moving blocks... often it would move the block one-too-many spaces, or not enough spaces... totally threw me off constantly, even when the screen is upright.

Fun gimmick, but the lack of polish killed it for me :puppyeyes:



I've never played a game that's so simultaneously annoying and addictive. Damn you line blocks! I don't even want you anymore!!!

I swear those blocks don't end up in the correct column when you rotate them.

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