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Can You Hear This?


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On the whole topic of hearing reduction vs. age vs. situation, I found this site that you can play a bunch of different frequencies to see where you can't hear anything anymore. I can hear up to 17kHz, which isn't bad for being 25 years old and having taught high school/middle school band for 3 years.

I'm curious to see what people's results are. Do post your results below.

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need to doublecheck with my headphones, but pretty sure my hearing cuts out at 19k. I can hear 18k loud and clear, but 19 is blank.

25, was expecting it to go soonish, really rare to hear above 20k after you hit 25, so all of you who can hear it are freaks :P

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I'm a little confused because I can hear some of them but not others. @_@

Tones I can hear (in my right ear atleast, I don't think I can hear more than 8kHz in my left ear, I certainly can't feel any more than that)




17kHz (this one makes my toes want to curl up it's painful)




*unsure if I can hear them or not sometimes I can sometimes I can't?

I don't know how this is possible from being in band (and having to sit infront of those infernal percussionists most of the time) My ears even ring constantly, but I can still pick out up to 22 kHz.

Oh and I'm 23

Another edit: Oh guys I would caution against cranking up the volume to try to hear these if you're not sure you can. Because even if you can't perceive the sound coming out the sound is still there, and it can permanently damage your ears.

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