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SEGA is gaming with PEE (alternative title: it takes AGES to go to the bathroom)

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So, if these games include global high scores, this is all just going to be one big pissing match, right?
Most online scoreboards are. OSNAP
Is this not secretly an advertisement for caffinated drinks? How long will anyone be able to play at a time anyway? More caffeine, more playtime.
My first thought was, "Wow, Mountain Dew really will be a gamer's drink at the end of the day."

Followed shortly by "If they make a porn game out of this, my last shred of hope for humanity will have faded."

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I am much too easily amused by the article's comments.

Just hearing about this pisses me off. Sega couldn't bring Virtua Fighter 5R out on consoles, but they have resources to invest in some piss-poor idea like this?

Sega, if you think this is going to succeed, urine for a surprise.

All this modern mumbo jumbo... what's wrong with traditional piss games, like seeing how far you can nudge the urinal cake, orrr, playing ghostbusters with upto four friends? (don't cross the streams!)
Some of the mini-games include erasing graffiti with a hose (with your pee), causing wind to blow under a women's skirt (yes, with pee)

It's as if they designed these games solely so they could be parodied by

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Followed shortly by "If they make a porn game out of this, my last shred of hope for humanity will have faded."

well... I mean "blowing a woman's skirt with your pee" definitely sounds like Sega is on the path to corruption.

please tell me I can piss all over sonic's smarmy god damn face
When I read the article I was mentally crossing my fingers in hopes that Sonic wouldn't be involved with this madness; I still have an ounce of hope in that hedgehog.
you guys seem to misunderstand, we wouldn't all be doing it at once, it'd be whenever you went to use the urinal, you'd push the pucks around then, not some epic free-for-all. It was more turn-based strategy than first person pisser.

:lmassoff: am I supposed to be laughing more at the Article or the comments?

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