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OCR01310 - Final Fantasy VI "The Sveldt"


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OH GOD NO! THANKS ALOT DJP. The beginning of this song brought forth a torrent of all the HORRIBLE 80's styles and cliches, primarily the Robot. :P Great stuff, very nostalgic, very good capture of the 80's feel. I really enjoyed the section at 2:10. Very interesting. The sheer variety of sounds used makes the entire piece something different with each passing second. A very strange and interesting take on the veldt theme.

P.S. Great interview and congrats on 5 years DJP.

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Solid, phat, smooth, driving, wet, hard, pulsing, intense. No doubt. Good shit.

Happy five, stayin alive.

[01:11] <MythrilNaz> 1:22

[01:11] <MythrilNaz> Hahah

[01:11] <MythrilNaz> djp

[01:12] <MythrilNaz> that is so Hammer.

[01:12] <djp_fiveyears> cool

[01:12] <djp_fiveyears> I hope you mean that in a good way, bro

[01:12] <Nowshkle> System: Maniac

[01:12] <Nowshkle> HA HAH AH AH AHAH HAH A

[01:12] <Nowshkle> a AH HAHA HAH A H!H!A !HA AHA AH AHA AHA

[01:12] <Nowshkle> OH MY GOD

[01:12] <Nowshkle> thats fuckin hilarious

[01:12] <Ramaniscence> Kaijin and Mustin wasn't Prot. Children of the Washing Machine wasn't all that much Prot.

[01:12] <djp_fiveyears> otherwise I'll have to hurt you, even if you say "please don't", etc.

[01:13] <Ramaniscence> Nowshkle: I think that might've been Pizza or CXI that came up with that =P

[01:13] <MythrilNaz> djp: i could never say anything about hammer in a bad way.

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Gray and I were talking about how we missed the 80s after djp mentioned the McDonald's McDLT in his writeup on Chekan Winter. All the better to have something like this mix to harken back to the days when Reagan was president and coke was abundant. The base of the mix is so 80s, it's great. Then again, as a judge, I'm groove-biased...

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I've always loved the Veldt theme. This does it alot of good.. Especially that little bit at 00:55. That's just major ear-candy. :)

It's not exactly -the- mix of the Veldt I've been hoping for.. But it's more than enough to tide me over until someone does it.

On a little side note-thingy here.. The name "Sveldt", makes me think of Group-X. :lol:

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What's great about DJP's mixes is that, while there are remixers out there who have done better pieces, DJP is consistently good. I can't name a single mix of his that I haven't listened to and downloaded.

That said, thank you, DJP, for finally giving us a remix of this theme. The veldt was indeed a catchy tune, which is good based on the number of times you have to go there. Do I catch pieces of Strago's tune in here as well?

I would say that the begining was a bit abrupt and the feel threw me off at first. I was kinda hoping for the awesome drum score that went with the original. However, the piano and sax solidifies things into a very enjoyable whole and, while the piano and sax are somber, and the drum track isn't present, the piece retains its upbeat and mysterious quality. I especially congratulate you on your switch to what I believe is Strago's theme near the end. This was so brilliantly done that I didn't even catch it at first. All in all, the essence of the piece ends up being transformed into a sound more reminiscent of Chrono Trigger than FF. Which works amazingly well.

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Thanks for 5 wonderful years of music. I'm a very VERY nostalgic man, and OCR has really kept me young at heart.

I haven't always agreed with the way you run things, David, but it doesn't change the fact that you know what you're doing.

So, Pretz, here's to another 5 years of excellent music, noob-bashing, judge-bashing, thread-breaking, bagel-wanging, Vortex-pic-whoring, catgirls, sporks and "favorites" thread-making. Cheers!

Excellent remix, by the way.

Stephane Dylan Prince

AKA Vortex

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Hehe, DJ Pretzel....awesome.

Go figure that this would turn into a thank you thread. Appropriate, definitely. Well, I'll say my thanks as well because it's well earned. Thanks DJP for giving us remixers the opportunity to get together and form what I have come to consider my music haven on the net. I've been with you for three years now, downloading, listening, dropping my jaw time after time and again, and coming back. Why? Because simply: You're remixes and the remixes of everyone who's ever posted at OCR are the best things to happen to the gaming music world. Again, here is my personal thanks to you, DJ Pretzel, for OverClocked.

All that jibberish aside though (=P), this remix is awesome. Definitely a different take on an already-catchy-but-often-overlooked song from FFVI. I really like the beat in the beginning that you have there. It's funky, but it's the good kind of funk. The kind that just makes you tap your feet and bob your head whether you want to or not. The flute/recorder thingy for the melody is reminiscient to your Sonic remix which is really, really interesting. And the piano gives it a nice, gentler kind of kick. When you come in with the guitar, it's just icing on the cake.

In my overall opinion, not your best mix, but definitely one of the top mixes. If we're not comparing to your history at all, and looking strictly at this piece, then only good things can be said. Great job DJP. Here's to another five years, and then some, of OCR.

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Thank you so much, David, for all the work and everything you've put into OCR over the last five years. Although I'm probably not that important around here, I've noetheless come to consider OCR my home-away-from-home of sorts. It's an amazing site with an equally amazing (though quarky) community, and I'm proud to call myself a part of it.

As for the mix, I absolutly LOVE the overall groove, and the sax/gutiar gave me chills -- litterally. I found the piano section at 1'38 interesting...perhaps somewhat out-of-place given the overall feel of this remix. However, at 2'45 the piano comes back and flows perfectly. The smooth sax ending is the perfect ending to a near-perfect piece...one of your best.

Here's to five more -- and then some. :)

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Well, this song caught my attention and was pretty unique for the first minute or so. But then it didn't do much else. Pretty much a repetitive beat over and over with very little variation. Still, it has the classic Dj Pretzel feel to it. I could tell this was a djp song from a mile away. Decent mix, mediocre for a remixer of such high caliber though.

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Not bad. I prefer "Pachebel's Ganon," but then I was bottled, not aged, in the 80's. I especially like the sax. Nice electro stuff, djp.

I was introduced to OCR just six months ago, but it has become my favorite web site. You've built something great here. Quite amazing music, intelligent discussion, and the truest internet community I've ever seen. Many sites call themselves "communities," but OCR is the only one I've visited that has a clear communal identity. Visiting OCR makes me feel like I'm part of something more than anything on the internet.

So congratulations on five years, djpretzel, and thank you for your work. Simply put, OCR is flippin' sweet.

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