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OCR01332 - Super Mario World "Grand Valse Mario"

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Que? Anyhow, I believe that this "remix" is performed quite well. I dunno if its just today*mainly becuase of our winterpercussion competition* or something else, but I have been noticing that dynamics play a great key role in music. It can make the difference to a song qualifying it for third or first *the sad fate that happened to me and my compadres when we competed last week.....we played in FF/FFF the whole time.....it killed our score dropping us to third....but back to the topic*. I believe that this song really illustrates the contrasts in dynamics, which makes this song really catchy/great in my eyes. The dynamics really set the mood. At times its really soft, setting a calm mood, then suddenly crushendoing *sp* to a louder more upbeat "jolly" mood. All in all a really good mix. I say goodjob and keep up the good work!

*sorry for the horrendous formatting of the above paragraph, but Im watching tv and listening to the song at the same time, so I really am not loooking at how I am typing, let alone caring of the format*

EDIT: Ohhhh B-unit....I get it now....

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wow.... would have never expected something like this, but hey I'm a n00b, and thats what OC is all about right? what do I know though? This is definitly going into my OC playlist, my only gripe might be the length, but hey, it got the point across, and with plenty of power to spare

9.7 outta 10

if there might be any sheet music, might you have it scanned? I'd really like to check it out

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What the hell is happening with some comments? :|

I listened this song on VGMix. It's probably one of my favorite songs from bladiator. Also, bladiator ever is the piano man in my opinion. Is enough to listen "Chopinesque Kirby" or "A Dangerless Road". This ReMix is lovely. I love it. The new melody is too creative. The elaboration of the piano sounds well. And yes, a good piece. Solid stuff, nice work.

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Right off the bat, this remix is striking and catchy. I like the aggressive take on the water theme, it's well suited to piano, and generally well executed. The sound quality is just a wee bit suspect at times, but it hardly detracts from the piece as a whole. Excellent work as usual, Bladiator.

Please do try not to hit the bottle too hard, save that brain for more remixing!

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Well it's a nice score, well written, with good extrapolations. But maybe it coold have been better performed( the keyboard is hit a little hard). Nice idea to use only the piano. In my opinion, it lacks a little in the treble tones. The original tone was very much in the trebles, the use of violin may have been a good idea.

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Aha it's finally here! I've been waiting for this song to be posted here ever since it first went vgmix. Blad's posting these mixes one after another, I can't wait to hear his next

I've noticed that both his piano pieces are in 3/4, both very waltzy

I really like the rhythm alternation at 0:49

Very impressive, I wish I could play piano like this

Awesome job, Blad!

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I was excited to see a new Bladiator mix when I opened up the front page. :) New stuff by Blad is always good, and this didn't disappoint at all. The translation from the original mix to piano worked very well, and the switching around of the rhythm among other things make it very enjoyable, keeping the feel of the original. Great mix, recommended. :)

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Composition (and/or improvisation) is excellent,

with a little taste of Debussy and a big taste of Gershwin.

[Edit2: and, of course Chopin...]

Performance (interpretation) is even better.

Blad'iator is indeed a crazy piano Blad'stard.

Edit1: the recording quality is also very good.

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