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OCR01338 - Mega Man Zero 2 "Cool Mind"


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About damn time you got a mix on OCR that you've deserved for longer than I can rememeber.

haha yeah no shit..

Dragonlord has been mixing forever, and out of the tons of music i have from him, there is only like..ONE song i just cant stand heh, and this one is NOT it.......

soo yeah, nice work dragonlord...u slow bastard!


Bye bye!

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This is one of my favorite pieces of music from the soundtrack, and this is a cool remix. 8)

While I'm commenting on MMZ2 music, I must pimp out this awesome soundtrack:


It's the best "Rockman Zero" album out right now; better than Telos, and even better than the entire RMZ 1~3 set, IMO.

It's sold out right now, unfortunately, but I was lucky enough to purchase it, so you could try hitting up someone for MP3s. :D

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Groovy. Funky. Awesome. I couldn't help but groove in my chair as I'm listening to this. So catchy! Infective rhythm. Grinding synths that just add to the whole texture of the thing. Totally sweet. All the motifs work together so well! This is a composition of wonder. I'm digging this so hard... love it love it love it!

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Hmmm, groove bias is fully justified in this song. This is slick to the point of bad ass. I'm reminded of remixers like Protricity, who are able to fill each second of the song without cluttering up the ears. We have a lot of stuff going on throughout this song, but at no point do I feel overwhelmed; The NESish synths, the subtle gating on the lead, the backing organs and beeps and bloops straight out of a Star Trek episode...this mix is chock full of wholesome goodness. This mix is funky, fresh and just plain awesome.

Good stuff.

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