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OCR01342 - Final Fantasy X-2 "Chauffage au Gaz"


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This isn't your everyday mix. This probably isn't something that most people would listen to on a regular basis. In fact, this probably shouldn't be something to listen to on a regular basis as any other song. It needs to be experienced and appreciated for what it is.

But what, exactly, is it? Is it a protest against lush orchestration? An experimental take on an unrepresented soundtrack? A statement of variety from a heretofore focuser on rap and such? A questioning of the very foundation of music itself?

Naw. In the words of soc (who, coincidentally, had his first remix posted a few days before), it's just really "freakin retarded."

Beginning with the charming sound of construction workers hitting pipes and various other objects with wrenches, this mix quickly drags you into its world of literally industrial music, whether you want to go or not.

Like strange synths? Pitch bends? Quotations of the Prelude for no apparent reason? Jean Corso? In the words of Larry, HEGOTCHUCOVARD.

Oh, and I forgot the fake-out ending from 2:30-2:46. Might seem really cliche, but in context with the factory sounds, it just works. Mechanical seals = win.

And so, in conclusion, Mythril should get drunk more often.

EDIT: It was Jean Corso in French Kiss, not Jean Reno. Shame shame, Mythril.

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I listened to several WIPs of this before, and I said then what I say now: "This is some weird shit. I love it."

Then again, I've always been a whore for your weirder mixes, Mythril.

Captain Planet, he's a hero...

...Oops, wrong mix.


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I gotta admit, I'm not a big fan of this one. Then again, I haven't played FFX-2; the "random prelude" mentioned above and the break to FFVI for a few seconds were my favorite parts.

Industrial isn't my big thing anyways, so personally, I just didnt enjoy it that much. Overall, it is very well put together and props to Mithril for getting his first mix up!

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2:46+ rules.

Same with 2:01.

Nice mood change with some pads at 1:33.

Sweet lead instrument.

Ending leaves something to be desired.

Interesting percussion all over.

Some nicely executed melody changes (at 0:22, 0:34, 0:49, 1:03, etc.)

I would have enjoyed seeing the frequency vary out of it's consistant bright and trebly range a little more.

Didn't grab my attention too much right away, but the depth keeps me coming back for more. I'm getting into this more and more with each repeat. :)

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Years from now, people are gonna look back, and think about what they were doing when they first heard this remix. There will be a solemn reverence in their voices. There will be a tear in their eye as the relive their past. Their first brush with this remix. Their loss of musical innocence.

Yeah. That's right. I compared this remix with the Kennedy assassination. IT'S THAT NOTEWORTHY.

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Way to go Myth, and with the first FFX-2 mix here to boot!

I can't say I'm familiar with the source material, but I can say that you surprised me with this rather electronic approach to it. Somehow, with all these pitch-shifting and mad-science-esque mixing proportions I'm finding it difficult to gather some form of words here. :P But it's definitely funky and twisted enough for OCR, in all honesty. You also got me lightly giggling at the Prelude and Terra referencing too, so that can be thought well into consideration.

Course, the amount of experimentation done to the track may not quite fit everyone's tastes, but it's definitely good enough to be able to fit onto my playlist for a good chunk of time.

Thankyou very much Myth, and it's about time you made it here after everything you've done for the site so far. Best of luck with shaping up the Doom mix project "Dark Side of Phobos" to a completed quality. :)

So it should be about time he came on - he was one of the people whom helped me with the hosting for Tomorrow's Wake to fit on the panel. *THAT* shows how thoughtful he is for others, and so he surely needs the favor back ^_~

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Not quite "The mojo, the Myth, the Legend" but still good.

...okay so it's way better than that. Congratulations, Myth! I won't try to review this song because then I'd have to take on the unenviable task of trying to describe it. I'll just say it's great stuff, so download it.


Do it.

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First of all, I'm very surprised at the overwhelmingly positive response to CaG. My biggest fear was that it would be too unaccessable for most people - a fear I still hold. However, I'm glad that so many people like it. Let me also clarify that I am neither fluent in French, nor am I black, though it may seem like that at points. Doulifee was kind enough to give me a quick conversion of what I wanted said into French, so props to him for that.

That much said, I have to use this moment to say a few words - and by few, I mean a lot. If you don't care, don't read any further, because I have a decent amount to say and what better time than now.

Warnings aside, it really hasn't hit me yet that this song is up here, in this place. Some people may scoff - I know there are lots of people who just stumble upon the site, have the talent, submit something they made, and BANG, in a few weeks, they've got a nice little space on the site with their name on it and a mix for the world to download. Musicians, most, and I don't want to downplay their achievements. Kudos to them for what they have done. However, they don't (and I'm going based on personal assumption here - correct me if I'm wrong) understand or consider this site as I do.

I know tomorrow, or the day after, it will hit me. I'll feel it. Two and a half years, culiminating in this - my life has been changed by this site. I am not, by any standards, a well versed musician. I took a year of piano so far back, I can't even remember when, two years of guitar, where I learned barely shite, and I was "blessed" with somewhat musical genetics. I remember the first time I worked with midi creation software, back in 2000 (at the time, I was using PowerTab - the only decent free software that could convert tablature to midi). The thought of being a digital musician was so different from the punk rock star life I was idolizing at the time (I was a Freshman in High School). I began working at it with some gusto. People always tell me that when I find something I like, I'll work at it until I get good - usually forgetting to mention that once I get good at it, I drop it in order to get good at the next thing. In late 2002, my good friend and OCR member SleazyC introduced me to both Fruity Loops and Overclocked Remix. At the time, I paid the latter no heed, didn't really think too much about it. FL, on the other hand, was a big leap forward in terms of digital craft. I was amazed at the new assortments of options I had, the weapons. It was like showing a fist fighter an American arsenel. I went wild.

In January of 2003 (give or take), I ventured into Overclocked Remix, downloaded a bunch of songs - found my calling. Always one to idolize, new names took their places with the old in my mind. djpretzel, Dale North, Mazedude, Ailsean, Mustin, and so many other names that - and pardon me for my blatant "fanboyism" - became pseudo-celebrities to me. It was at this time that I decided that I was going to be on this site. I was going to have a mix up there. It was, or so I thought at the time, not a very hard task.

In March of 2003, I submitted my first song. Total shit in retrospect, but at the time, I was very proud of it. I checked the front page each day, waiting for it to go up. Never happened. Didn't even get the letter. Sent a couple of others within the next two months or so, finally got the letter. My frustration increased, culiminating that October when my Xenogears remix finally hit, and was duely ripped to shreds, by the panel. I was distraught. The criticism was extremely justified, again in retrospect, but at the time, I didn't know how to take it. Getting on to OCR became more than an ambition for me at that point. It became an obsession, the ultimate goal. True, I was blowing things way out of proportion (after all, it is only a small game remixing community on the internet, no? nothing of value in the real world) but I didn't care. I vowed I would be up there soon. I got to work: having already joined the forums, I began canvassing the WIP threads with my songs, day in and day out. Anyone looking for proof that the WIP forums work, come to me. Day after day, I worked the forums, getting (mostly negative) feedback, tweaking, retouching, trashing - building my skills through the advice of others. At the time, people like Xelebes taught me a lot about audio (where I first learned the meaning of clipping) and other aspects of mixing. I began participating in the PRC (worst entry in PRC I I do believe) and struck up a friendship with Reelmojo, another remixer who shared my love of rap music and strange beats. Became somewhat of a regular in that still running competition. Still, though, I kept on getting the letter.

Stop for a breather here. Go get a drink. There's more to come. If you are tired and want to stop, go ahead. I'll admit, if it's as boring to read as I think it is, I don't blame you - however, this is something I have to get out of my system.

In December of 2003, I made a thread for my rather infamous - although strangely popular - Final Fantasy VII rap song. Now, while I don't admit to being the best rapper in the world, in real life I'm pretty decent. However, marred by shitty production and scared to let myself go on the mic, the mix was doomed from the start. Gray Lightning contacted me over AIM to offer some tips. I think he knew that the mix was going to be NO'd, but he helped me out anyways. To this day, Gray and I still pass WIPS back and forth. He has been an amazing boost in my musical development, and I would probably be nowhere near what I am now (which isn't too great, btw) if it weren't for him.

I spent much of 2004 honing my skills. By now, I had developed a pretty decent standing in the remixing community, and I was getting help from all sorts of people: DJ Carbunk1e, Liontamer, Darkesword, and DCT, to name a few of many. My mixes were getting better, but not OCR standard yet. My "6th Omen" mix was NO'd but with two YES's. This gave me confidence. Like a mad dog, I continued to develop; the idea of getting on this site, with these "legendary" names...I had to do it. I know a lot of people in this community say "Don't make music with the intention to put it up on OCR." I see where they're coming from, but I don't agree. If you have a goal and you have drive, what better way to get shit done than with the goal in mind?

Aside: In October, I went to Magfest and finally met some of the faces behind these names I idolized so much - people like Beatdrop and Dale, who are awesome people in person. Surprised to actually know the flesh behind the letters, I retured home with a new passion and understanding of my goal.

All around me, there were people willing to give their input for my music, willing to help me go the extra step and make it better. Whether it be Rexy over at VGMix giving my song five pages of information to work with or soc and mduo in the Anime Remix chatroom giving me the brutal truth about a WIP I just flung out or Carbunk1e trying to explain equalization to me over AIM while we both are at work or Protricity telling me about the stupidity of copy paste drums, or the many people in the WIP boards saying the little things that help make the mix better - I learned from all of them. The road has taken me to some strange places, and I've had to learn a lot of things the hard way, but I would do it all over again knowing the results.

And so we come to this. Mythril Nazgul. Who is he? A judge and moderater at Anime Remix. A Site Project Coordinater for the Doom Remix project. A couple of decent songs over at VGMix. A million and a half discarded remix attempts on his hard drive. And now, an Overclocked Remixer. My Mt. Everest has been climbed and I didn't do that shit alone; I couldn't have. And in the end, all I did was get drunk on a strange concoction one night and decide to remix Final Fantasy X-2 music...

Wow. If you've read this far, gracias for letting me vent this all out. I know there's so many people I've forgotten to mention, people who've helped me understand music even just a tiny bit, people who are important. I'm one of the little guys too. I use the WIP forums and need feedback in order to make something sound less like shit and more like music, so thank you to EVERYONE who has ever helped me in some little way and don't underestimate the power of the Work In Progress boards.

I know, I know, all this hullabaloo for ONE song? Jesus, this guy is off his gourd. Well, don't worry. When my next song goes up, I'll keep it short. That's right. No plans to stop now. ;) DJP, you better be ready.

In closing (Jesus, this is a fucking essay), thank you for listening to this song and, if you don't enjoy it, feel free to say so. If you do, thanks! It means a lot to me.

No more emo shit. I'm out of here. Peace.

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Read the whole thing. :wink: And all I can say is congrats on finally getting posted up here. It was quite the pleasant surprise to see the name "Mythril Nazgul" up on the front page. I've heard your stuff on the WIP boards and actually thought it was great. I knew you'd get up here eventually. :P Glad to see all your hard work pay off, Mythril.

Although I am still trying to figure out what you said in french. I've been taking french for five years! I should definitely be able to read that. And MOST of it makes sense... If only I could remember what "se produire" meant....

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Congratulations Mythril! I have seen you around ever since my first days at OCR and know you have always been a huge member of the community. The success story you have written about on this thread reflects a lot of the same sentiments I share with you about going for your goal and how much this community has changed you for the better musically and in meeting lots of great people like Gray. A very unique and interesting song and definitely one to be proud of for a first on OCR, keep up the great work buddy, you rule!

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Wow Myth, you must have been proud with yourself there. Yeah, I managed to read your speech through and I can tell that as a whole you've got pride for what you've done brother. Again, welcome to the clan. :D

Whether it be Rexy over at VGMix giving my song five pages of information to work with

It's only two typed out in Microsoft bleedin' Word! Sheesh... I just love being mocked like that :lol:

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