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VGDJ: The Official OCR Podcast


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I've had the show ready and edited since last night. We're waiting on something special from Wingless. I *could* release it now, but it would lessen the impact of stuff we said on the show.


Alrighty, here goes...

VGDJ Episode 033 has been released on WWW.VGDJ.NET!

Sorry about the lackage of our visible t-shirt logo. We figured that it'd be better to wait a few more days if that's what it takes to release something totally sweet. So keep checking www.vgdj.net for updates on the design, and get started on your intro submissions! ^_~


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sau-- oh god dammit

Post time says he got you by about 25 minutes dude :wink:

BTW... that was me as "Kumbijubba"; sorry for my shy-as-hell voice and rushed articulation. I'll be fast-forwarding through that part when I hear it...

That was also me who called and hung up immediately prior; I fucking hate answering machines...

And though it would be fun to speculate over, I will tell you now that, *ahem*, you missed. :mrgreen:

I normally go nowhere near this kind of thing, but it was a joke I just couldn't pass up.

I'll go huddle in a corner now...

I'm a lot cooler in real life, I swear!

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You didn't say the "~" symbol when you read it off in our voicemail! But that new link still doesn't work.... :P

Sorry, did a last-minute re-edit to try and retain what little dignity I have left... Yes I know it's cheating, but it's much improved and should work now.

I was sure I said "tilde" there, but you also misheard the underscore after "h1" as a slash. --Well I guess that's my fault :oops:

Didn't think anyone would be up to notice--least not the hosts! Well I'm going to bed, and you should too :sleepdepriv:

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Heh...If I knew how do make a decent intro I'd do one. I am, unfortunatly, unskilled with anytype of editing and/or recording programs.

I don't even know how to rip sound from VGDJ to make a pixiemi...err...nevermind.

So, it's just one of those lame support voicemail thingies...I can't call there, so they aren't anonymous, but if they were...I'd be having some fun!

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