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Stop posting FF6 mixes. PLZ. K? THNX.

Hey, quiet you! I haven't submitted mine yet. Fortunately, my own is of a song that hasn't been done yet on OCR.

EDIT: I nearly forgot the point of this thread; nice mix! Very enjoyable. I share Djp's affinity for cool hi-hat patterns, and was very pleased.

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I like almost everything about the song, except the last bit with the acoustic guitars. They simply play too "flatly" and the notes are separated with a certain choppiness. I mean, they're just not played with flair and... ease. They sound very amateurish. And I think there's a little tuning problem when one of them goes to the high note? Mm.

Regardless, good work overall, I enjoyed it. :)

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You know, I have a bone to pick with the DoD right now. I took part last month with a piano work and gave it my all with the performance and tech aspects, but it had to get shunted into the bottom half, behind a lot of straight covers and quirky metal. DJP is right in saying that the contest is on a metal bias, and thus I can't really say I'm totally happy with how the contest is run. Course, some of those thoughts are easing up a bit but I'm still pretty much angered over the whole thing.

Okay, rant over. ^_^; If you want to respond back to any of the above, just send me a PM.

Nonetheless, Darangen has been exploding lately with his work, and his incarnation of Terra has managed to prove just that. There's a lot of variance on the theme as well as some great technical work to match up to the same level as that shown on "Warriors of Light", so we should be in for some worthwhile treats around it.

Mind you... wow. I can barely find much wrong with this at all. Maybe some light EQ tendancies taken to the acoustic guitars to make them clearer than what they were? They still sounded sweet nonetheless.

And a direct posting from DJP? That is showing the level of skill Mike has faced. And to think he got constant rejections from the panel three-to-six months ago! :o

Nonetheless, be sure to keep up the good work, and a happy late birthday (May 31) too! :D

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You, my friend, would make Nobuo proud. Very proud indeed.

I can't say it's my favorite version of Terra out there, as it's got a hopeful/upbeat feel to it where I prefer the darker, more depressing renditions, but it's still way up there.

The playing is all excellent. The sound is beautiful. The only part I wasn't too keen on was the acoustic outtro, but that has nothing to do with the skill of the playing I just don't really like the sound of acoustic guitars :wink: (with a few notable exceptions, juno reactor's 'pistolero' being a big one).

A solid 9/10 from me. Why not 10/10? There's allways room for improvement.


As for the "Stop posting FF6 remixes" comment... if you don't want to hear FF6 music anymore, don't click links to FF6 mixes! I for one will never get sick of hearing Nobuo's work rearranged by the brilliant people we have here (and those that aren't here yet 8) ). KTHX.

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An excellent arrangement, definitely going straight into the collection after I listen to it a couple dozen more times. :)

And while I admit that was deadly to go through all of the FF arrangements on this site in one streak, in the end I thought having an interesting set of songs based on a single melody was great fun because it made it easy for me to show other people why I've loved this site so much. Don't worry about making arrangements of the same song, it's just adds a different type of variety.

Keep up the good work!

-Austin Spafford

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It's about fucking time we see some FF6 remixes, and a Terra remix. As much as people have complained about Terra remixes, there hasn't been so much. However, it does ensure that the best video game music song gets the proper tribute, so in the end it does some good :).

Anyways, this mix made my day (and yesterday on my birthday too). Great arrangement, although I do have some beef with the vocals.

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*cries* :cry:

I've enjoyed all the songs lately, that's for sure. But this one...it just brought a tear to my eye. I'll always be a fan of some rippin' guitars, ESPECIALLY when they're done right. Here, we've got a great solo surrounded by a beautiful intro and a just as wonderful outro. Then you've got some vocal work that, in my mind, takes the place of what most people would put in a synth for. Me likey. Me likey much! And I haven't even touched on the drums or any of the other aspects, all of which were done perfectly.

Darangen, my hat's off to you. Thanks for adding a kickarse tune to this site! :D

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Wow. This song is awesome. Definitely on par, if not better than the classic Terra in Black by Ailsean, and the acoustic part reminds me of Death on the Snowfield. Therefore, you've just combined two of the best guitar based Terra ReMixes out there. 11/10.

Why do I always get to the review boards after someone else says EXACTLY what I'm thinking?

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