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December is OCR Reviews Month! SAVE OCR!

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I do honestly hope that some of the people reviewing are not just glancing over songs/playing them once just for the sake of writing one or two sentences, to me that's not much better than not saying anything.

It's about impact. I'd give songs more than one listen, give them some time to be absorbed, thought over, dwelled on a little bit before commenting, at least that's what I always do.

I generally only review remixes that have been in my library for a while and have had lots of listens. Unless the song is especially good, then I'll review after a few listens. I analyze the songs to the best of my ability, but since I lack enough experience to pick out much musically, my reviews are usually on the short side.

I definitely agree though, if you've only heard something once, it's better not to review at all.

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Okay, so it's been 5 days since it started out. After working out the math with the links in the thread, here's what I've witnessed so far:

Total User Reviews: 117 (-5850 HP)

OA Reviews: 4 (+200 HP)

HP REMAINING: 15350/21000

This is a good start; keep up the effort, all :)

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Okay, so it's been 5 days since it started out. After working out the math with the links in the thread, here's what I've witnessed so far:

Total User Reviews: 117 (-5850 HP)

OA Reviews: 4 (+200 HP)

HP REMAINING: 15350/21000

This is a good start; keep up the effort, all :)

Son of a Submariner! You'll pay for this! >:-/

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OA has attained the ultimate power of the ReMix, but has been driven mad in the process! If he is not stopped, he will destroy all of the OCR kingdom!

King DJPretzel and the ReMix Knights need your help, as the only thing that can damage him and bring him to justice is YOUR REVIEWS!

Each review will take 50 HP off his total, but it's not that easy- he has also discovered the epic power of ReMix ReViews, and each review he completes will heal him for 50 HP!

It is up to the community to band together and defeat OA once and for all (and then loot him for treasure)!

Here is how it works-

1. Post Reviews on ReMixes throughout the month of December

2. Link your reviews in a single post in this thread

3. Defeat OA!

4. Profit!

OCR is donating some legendary treasure from it’s coffers to the would-be heroes:

Each review you do will be counted as a single entry into a raffle that will be drawn randomly in January; but only if there is a Kingdom left to award the treasure!

*Three $35 eStarland gift certificates - King’s appreciation? Forget that, show me the money!

*Three custom form avatars - Show the entire kingdom who the *real* hero is!

Do we get more points for being pretentious?

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I'm not the greatest reviewer but I thought whilst I was finding some more remixes to listen to I would do some reviews.

Dec 6th:














Dec 11th:









Dec 12th:


Dec 16th:






I searched through the mixes by game alphabetically and was really surprised at some games that weren't remixed or had very few remixes. Either way, was great checking out some of the older stuff.

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Updated totals:

User Reviews: 209 * 50 = 10450

OA Reviews: 18 * 50 = 900

21000 - 10450 + 900 = 11450

COME ON! He's almost down to half health! That's where he reveals his true form: a giant shaved head on top of a seriously looking cat head that shoots lasers from its eyes.

"I’m H A P P Y . . ."

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Under-reviewed endorsement is also looking good. The total number of mixes that have less than 10 reviews has fallen to 70, so be sure to keep up your looking up of the lesser-talked about tracks! :)

Albeit, 20 of them haven't received a single review this month so far - kinda upsetting. :( If there's something in there you want to put a word in for, go for it!

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