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ReMixing With The Stars


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Update: This is happening!

Compo thread and signup instructions [thread=40611]here[/thread]

This suggestion is based on some thing I've noticed about compos here:

  1. One of the most awesome things about the multi-round compos is watching the improvement of relative newcomers to the remixing scene.
  2. We don't get to see as much of that as we might because the tournament format means that newcomers usually get eliminated early.
  3. OCR could always use more remixers. OK, that's just a general statement.

So the compo format I'd like to suggest is something like this:

  • Participants: Equal numbers of posted/accepted remixers interested in mentoring newcomers, and newcomers (anyone describing themselves as such and not posted/accepted remixers). Probably small numbers of each, say 5 or 6. They are henceforth referred to as "stars" and "novices."
  • Format: Each round, each star is paired with a novice, in a random but round-robin manner, so that each star is evenually paired with each novice. Rounds are 2 weeks.
  • Instructions: Each pair collaborates on a mix. The novice should take the lead, with the star providing mainly advice, but can also help with production. They can also contribute a solo or live instrument/vocals, but otherwise the arrangement should be by the novice.
  • Voting/results: Voting is for best mix of the round, perhaps the top 2 or 3. Points go to both remixers, even though they'll work with other partners for the rest of the compo. To make up for people flaking out, the lowest score of each participant will be dropped. If someone drops entirely, they should be replaced (but they won't inherit their predecessor's points, so they probably won't win).

Advantages/interesting things about this format:

  • Obviously, beginning remixers get a helping hand and some mentoring.
  • It encourages both sides to experiment with styles and generes. Novices would be best off if they try to match the strengths of their star of the round, which might involve them trying something new, but if a novice is only comfortable with one or two things, they might force their star to stretch themselves. For instance, if I participated (which I wouldn't, I don't have time) and I had never worked with chiptunes but was paired with Gario, it would be a good time to learn. On the other hand, if I only know chiptunes, and have no interest in doing anything else, and get paired with DusK, then he "gets" to have fun with a style he doesn't normally use.
  • It makes a fair collaborative compo because each novice remixes with each star, so you're going to end up being judged more on your own contribution than those of your partners.
  • Although it would be a slow compo, it could run concurrently with others without being overly disruptive. Novices would be better off doing this compo than other major ones in which they may not last long without some more experience. Stars aren't doing a whole mix, and from what I can tell, for several of them this might take only an hour or two of their time over the course of two weeks.

Since I'm not really established here, I'm mostly hoping someone likes this idea and runs with it--I wasn't planning on running this myself! (Though I could, perhaps.)

Update: Wow, what overwhelming response! Here's the list of interested parties, time permitting:
















Cash and Change







Geeky Stoner

I fully expected some imbalance, hopefully we'll see some more interest from prospective mentors.

Note that the format will be different from what's described above; read the rest of the thread for the discussion.

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Seems like everyone is concurring that this is a good idea. Not sure if I'm going to be able to participate in this due to time constraints, but you never know.

Schedule something, organize a bracket of sorts, etc., and make it happen, MindWanderer!

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Sounds like a great idea to me. :-) My only question is what would you do if you got more people from one end of the spectrum than another? (I.E. You get 20 newbies who want to participate, but only 5 stars) Would you consider having stars mentor multiples each week, etc?

Aside from that one thing, though, it sounds like you've got it extremely well thought out. You should definitely run it. :-P

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If there were too many from one side or another, there's a few ways to approach that. You could, for example, simply bar users if there's one or two too many on a first-come-first-serve basis (there's 9 remixers and 11 newbs, for example) - plenty of competitions have done this before, out of necessity. One could also, in this case, rebalance one side or the other by shifting who's on what side (if there are, say, 12 remixers and 8 newbs, one could move two of the 'less experienced' remixers to the newb section, or vice versa, if the oppposite is the case). You could also impose a cap for either end, make it something like 12 - 18 remixers and the same number of newbs. Or just take what you can for a week, then announce what openings need to be filled after the week is over (if there were something like 30 newbs that joined and 25 remixers after the week was over, you could announce that the compo needs 5 more remixers and bar any more newbs from joining).

There are plenty of ways to handle the situation - just pick one and move forward with it as best you can.

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It sounds like it would be great once it gets running. :-)

Just a quick something since I haven't seen it yet: I'd suggest making sure the newbies will actually be able to get into it, maybe an example to show they've worked a bit before and have a basic understanding. I think it would allow each participant, Star or novice, to get the fullest out of the compo. For those who wouldn't meet this, there's always the workshop. From what I've seen on it, people do receive help starting out, and they are generally pointed in the right direction.

If you don't agree with my opinion, let's hear it. I'd rather be proven wrong ahead of time before it arises later, causing more trouble than it would have earlier.

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I would love to be a newb for this. I would just need time to practice learning my chords.

It might be a good idea to try to pair people up according to what software they use (ie I use Logic Pro, so link me with Rozovian), so that they could send each others projects back and forth...

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Here's a thought on the compo - rather than making it a tiered or tournament styled competition, why not make it something that's bi-monthly or monthly? Something like presenting a single song or soundtrack that each group gets to chose from, allow three days to a week for each person who wants to participate to find a partner, allow for another week or two for remixing, then a week for voting. Winners get to pick next game or song and the competition repeats.

With all of these tourney compos that have been cropping up lately it seems like it's ripe for an alternative to come up once again. Unlike other compos, there is the incentive to work with other experienced remixers (and the opportunity to help newer remixers, pending on which side that you're on), so people may volunteer for a compo like this one more so than normal. It also removes experienced remixers the obligation to participate immediately - if Willrock, Zircon, Sixto, Myself, etc., can't participate one round due to whatever time restrictions but still want to participate, they very well could in another round. It'll allow for more people to join in at their leisure.

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