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It's gonna suck for her each year... "OK honey, do you want Christmas, or a birthday party? Because Mommy and Daddy can't afford both." ;-)

Hey, if there's something to put in perspective, there's 4 December birthdays within my family, one of them being on Christmas Day itself. And we never really had that problem, aside from our own Jesus having the right to not eat turkey on his birthday. :|

Anyway, congratulations Mazedude! She looks so adorable, make sure you take good care of both her and Maze-mom :)

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Yeah we're making sure that the birthday celebrations and Christmas parties are gonna be very separate. My wife is nuts about birthdays... more so than ANY other holiday, including Christmas.

And actually, she really seems to love my music. We've been playing it for her. So, that kinda makes me just want to make more of it. :)

Yeah she actually asked for a C-Section. Didn't want to do natural. And it went smooth, so, good deal. She's healing well too.

So far so good!

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