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If you could have any game made by any developer...

Brandon Strader

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If you could have any game made by any developer, what would it be? This is basically a "dream game" thread, but rather than post just a general game you'd like to see be made by anyone, this is specific -- games made by certain developers, probably based on existing IPs, possibly in the style of (or a mixture of) existing games....... for example......

Naughty Dog presents Doctor Who



Torn Banner Studio presents Call of Duty: Medieval Warfare



Level-5 / Studio Ghibli presents Pokemon



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I'd have Square Enix quit their shit, quit throwing all of their money into pre-rendered cutscenes and hit-or-miss voice acting, and make a good, non-MMORPG Final Fantasy, a la FF6, 7, and 9. Seriously.

Actually, scratch that. If this is a truly dream game, and you can have any publisher/developer you want, I would want a new Squaresoft Final Fantasy.

Barring that option (or if I'm not allowed to use defunct/no longer existing publishers), I'd settle for a sequel to Vagrant Story produced by Supergiant Games. I think they could do some amazing things with that IP, even if their game turned out to be less grim/dark than the original was. I'd probably aim for it to be set far in the past, just after Lea Monde was destroyed.

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Wish that rumor of Rocksteady Studios making a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game was true. I would say the TMNT mythos is as large as the Batman one.

The Behemoth making a beat-em-up style game using Final Fantasy characters and magic.

Square Enix tackling the Mario series again. This time make it a side-scrolling, platformer.

Bungie making a Call of Duty game.

Nintendo making a Mega Man game.

Valve making a Final Fantasy game.

Bethesda making an open-world game set in The Last Airbender universe. (Create your own Avatar, go on adventures.) It being set in the Ranma 1/2 world would also be good too. Start in Jusenkyo, fall in random drowned pool, kept cursed throughout rest of game, avoid cold water.

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Interesting thread.

Alright, it's probably been said before, but here's my fanboy wet dream:

I would like an hd, 3d sequel to Super Mario Bros. 2. Control scheme is Wiimote + nunchuk. The nunchuck would be for movement, and the wiimote would use an up gesture plus B to lift and forward gesture plus B to throw. There would also be an aiming option for pointer controls. Of course, motion controls would be optional, but they would be there for those who care. All four characters would return with their previous differences plus a unique action for each character, but the control scheme would remain simple. Instead of the characters keeping their cartoonish likenesses they've had, the graphic style would actually be more "mature", making Mario and Luigi display their age and overweight appearances shown in various pieces of fan art. I would also like to see a deep, emotional story, with someone's life on the line.

The bosses would be big. Birdo and Mouser would return, but would be stronger each time, There would be voice acting and Mouser would be a total dick. The phantom that chaces you would break into a scene that resembles the scarecrow parts from Batman Arkham Asylum. The whole game would be an adventure game at the core, but a total head trip. Mario would go beyond his "It's a me, Mario" personality. Basically the characters would have dimensions to them. Just call it "Return to Subcon". Don't even put Mario in the title. Put some sick art on the box and let people take chances with it.

Also, I would like it to have the same level structure but options for revisiting levels and going back to them with keys you didn't have before. An RPG-like upgrade system to power up your characters might be cool, or maybe that's too much.

Developer? Retro Studios.

I would also LOVE to see Sega work with someone sharp, I don't know who, someone who is really good with story and keeping games modern, and develop a new Phantasy Star. Not an online MMO. I mean a story-driven straight up awesome RPG, with a clear beginning an end. Maybe multiple endings that deviate slightly, but WOW I would love to see some of those developers return with passion. They pushed the genesis as hard as possible.

Okay I'm done for now. You may laugh away.

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Open world, turn-based rpg with bright graphics, and split-screen or online multiplayer. You and your friends could have separate 4-man parties and explore completely different areas. Customization and nonlinear questing instead of a linear plot.

Oh, and it would be set in a modern fantasy setting, like Earthbound.

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A freakin' Pokémon MMO. As for who would make it, I'd imagine Blizzard would do a good job, but I'm sure you guys can think of a company that would do as good or better.

A friend of mine has been saying this same thing for a decade now.

Seriously. Nintendo would make obscene piles of cash from this game. I could honestly see it becoming bigger than WoW was at its peak.

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Someone, anyone...make a new Jet Moto game with the characters from Jet Moto 2 plus some new ones.

Damn, if the team who made F-Zero GX remade Jet Moto I would totally lose my shit. That would be the most epic racing game ever.


...but only if it was Good ol' Singletrac. With their old logo and(marginal)independence from Sony back.

This is instant happiness right here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxGmg2BKqKI

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Hideki Kamiya making a proper Star Fox.

And the same team responsible for F-Zero GX making a new F-Zero in the exact same manner as the previous one, perfectionist hard.

Valve making a Final Fantasy game.

Do you want to wait until you're in a retirement home for this? LOL, I'd be dead before a sequel would come out for it.

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I like re-imaginings, and there's two I'd love to see but probably never will.

I want the team that handled the modern levels in Sonic Generations to do a complete re-imagining of Sonic 3 & Knuckles as a modern Sonic game.

I'd also like to see the team responsible for making Kingdom Hearts games to do a re-imagining of Final Fantasy VII.

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- Naughty Dog (Uncharted 2/The Last of Us team) Metroid game.

- FFTA/A2 team doing a non-Conquest(no feudal Nobunaga stuff) Pokemon isometric pixel tactics game.

- Igarashi's Castlevania team doing a Metroidvania-style Ninja Gaiden (NES series, not modern).

- The Minish Cap/Oracle team remaking the original Zelda & Zelda 2 (Zero Mission-quality remakes).

*drops the mic*

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