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Super Smash Bros. Brawl


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Why would he need to be a clone? From what I see, Ness's Smash repertoire is largely independent of what he does in the game (well, his B-moves anyway). Sure, he's fun to play, but if the game has both Lucas and Ness, they'd probably make all new moves for Lucas, leaving Ness with all the "classic" Smash moves. Even if Lucas has moves with the same name (thunder, fire, etc.), they could do completely different things.

Ness's final Smash? NESS used the Ruler! Now he can find the exact measurement of things!

So, any guesses for tommorow's update? Mine is more info on Pit, or his stage. I know guessing the next update is utterly pointless, but... is that not crux of this thread?

(To clarify, I mean to say that being pointless is the crux of this thread)


Hmm, the idea that Lucas (or other Earthbound characters) could have completely new and interesting psi moves really get me thinking about the huge potential a Golden Sun character could have. The original has so many combinations of spells (was it called "psi" in those games too?), it'd be easy to come up with a fun and inventive set of Smash moves. And the Final Smash could obviously be one of those insane summons.

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Ness's Final Smash has got to be PSI Rockin'!!

One thing I've always wondered is, does Smash Bros get its name from EarthBound? I mean a Critical Hit in EarthBound is actually called a Smash Attack.

Win on the Rockin'. And yeah, I think it might have, at least partly. There are other elements from games in Smash aside from the characters / levels etc, like the character select screen music in SSB64 was from Kirby's Superstar, I think.

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oh wow. That's a cool move!!! Doing it in the air and all!!!!!!

Sweet. I hope it's real difficult to do!! ^_^ SOOoo cool.

This is an awesome update. *jumps up and down*

It could get cheap, but really, when you're trying to edge guard you have to be careful of their triple jump.... I'd imagine nearly all aerial attacks will probably negate this for balancing... That's cool though.

I could see some interesting cooperative uses for this in a team match.

This update gets two thumbs up from me. :)

EDIT: I guess that's what Yoshi was doing to Donkey Kong last time.... in fact, it makes things better now that Yoshi wasn't doing the nasty to Donkey Kong yesterday.

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The new update looks fucking cheap.

Edge guarders that choose fast characters just got a new strategy.

I'm pretty sure, judging from the pictures and descriptions, that you can only do it when they're on the ground. Obviously I don't know for sure, but I think they're smart enough to know how insane it would be if you could just jump off anyone's head (OMGZP3N12!!!) in midair.

But who knows.

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