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Super Smash Bros. Brawl


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A lot of sites are verfying that URL for Krystal as true.

cool. So either an Assist or Playable.

I think she'll function well as either... there is an apparent lack of new female characters... I mean, ZSS is cool and all, but she's essentially shiek from the future with a gun. Hehe. ^_~

I'm cool either way. I've never been a fan of Krystal, but a playable character that has a staff would be really darn cool.

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Slippy would be good as a playable character, just because he/she/it would be fun to beat the shit out of.

That would make a better assist trophy. You'd throw slippy into the match, beat the ever loving frog snot outta whatever it's gender is, and he/she/it would hwarf up food to heal.

Come to think of it, that is pretty gross.

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Still, what's wrong with Krystal being playable?

She hasn't been in any good games.

If they're really itching for playable females, I'd much rather see Alice (Balloon Kid), Mona (WarioWare), Alex Roivas (Eternal Darkness), or Midna (Twilight Princess), among others. Hell, I'd rather have that archer chick from one of the GBA Fire Emblem games than Krystal.

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There are worse playable additions than Krystal. Like, as has already been mentioned, Slippy. A staff user would be neat, but I think I would prefer a female Fire Emblem character.

And Midna had better be in this game in some way. Best Legend of Zelda character in any of the games, by far.

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Maybe Ridley will be boss for the single player mode like petey piranha just a thought. DEDEDE with special waddle Dee throwing move that would make my life complete

I think the only thing that will made us see the Waddle Dees is the DeDeDe entrance...

I don't see why Ridley can't be a playable character. Pikachu is a giant in Melee, and Bowser is a lot smaller than what he should be.

I don't know how it will result....we'll see...

Just bring in Dark Samus. She'd be fun to play floating around, shooting phazon all over the place and melting faces.

Anything that's from Metroid is good...there is only Samus for now...

Speaking of villains, I've always wondered why some of the F-Zero baddies like Black Shadow, Blood Falcon (Capt. Falcon clone anyone?) or Zoda haven't appeared in Smash. Think about it, they'd make excellent playable characters.

Ya, Black Shadow is really cool.

To made all the universes collide in the story thing, there must be at least one enemy per game.

Dunno if anyone has posted this yet or anything.. but it looks like Krystal might be in the game as well.


Seems not fake...awesome o.o ...

I always loved Krystal...maybe because in SFA it's really well designed...

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