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So two weeks ago after OCR Talkback 21 ended, we were discussing random things, and one thing that popped up was coming up with ways to make local OCR meetups more convenient as far as contacting people, and the obvious answer to that was "make one giant map where everyone can list the general area they live in", so people can see who lives nearby to contact. On a whim, I decided to just go ahead and throw this together today:


It's a Google Map open to edit by anyone who's got the link. Feel free to throw your ReMixer name/online alias, and your real name if you like, on a pin in the general area of your hometown. If you don't feel comfortable listing your exact location, that's totally cool; it's not like I put my pin down on my exact address in Maryland! You can just throw it in the center of your city, or a nearby large city, or whatever.

EDIT: Alright, I've unfortunately had to lock the map down, because folks adding themselves are accidentally moving others in the process. Google Maps Beta works just like Google Drive, so there's no option to make it so people can only put a marker once and then can't edit the map again.

If you want to be added to the map, you can still get onboard... but you'll need to post in this thread (or PM one of the map editors, listed below) with the general location you want the marker at and what name(s) you want listed.

People who can edit the map: Arrow, Bahamut, Flexstyle, Liontamer

Edited by Arrow
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