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MAGFest 13 - Post-MAG Depression rears its ugly head


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Has anyone organized a group badge purchase? $30 bucks per person if we can get at least 8 people to pool together into one transaction by the end of August. I'd love to get in on that if someone else has already started one.

EDIT: And actually I'm planning on submitting a panel, but I do have non-panelist friends who might be interested in the group purchase idea.

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This will likely hinge on whether or not I'm performing. If I am, then I get a comped room and ticket, and will be able to afford the (stupidly-expensive) flight from Phoenix to DCA.

Definitely going again! I plan on participating directly this year instead of working behind the scenes as I typically do to promote the event. Don't worry Flexstyle. If for some reason you are not performing and therefore not comped, we'll help you out.

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After some deliberation, I'm considering going to MAGfest this year. I'm looking to possibly bring a group of people from my university, so I can't decide if we should form our own block or join OCR's.

Speaking of room block, has that been set up yet?


hope you brought a thick sleeping bag

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