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Songs to wake up to..


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So some of us like to be relaxed and some of us like to wake up fighting for our lives.

Usually I save the pump-up songs for the gym, but the thing about those type of songs is that they eventually run out of steam for me.. like they just stop working after 'x' amount of uses. I mean.. chill music does that too. Just, less so?

Post-script: This post is simply to avoid a lockdown for being a list thread. You don't actually have to engage my crap. I just want to collect your morning songs.

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Do you guys have a song you wake up to as an alarm?

I experimented with lots of different tracks, but only one always started my day right:

What are yours? What makes good morning music? :]

If i had a setup like this it would probably be Fly Me To The Moon. (Bayonetta 1 version) Though Moon River (Bayonetta 2 version) is friggin kickass

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