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Mega Man X: The Sigma Fortress Remix Gauntlet 2015


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Subbed. As always I ended up rushing the mix but oh well. At least I can say it's interesting? Could use more polish though haha.


Source usage may feel a bit strange since the song is in 6/8 but I hope you guys can follow where I used the sources... Intro is a variation on the bass riff from Final Weapon btw. It's the same notes in a different rhytm.

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I'm glad I went last round haha. This source seems very tricky.


You do miss the chance to show your Killer Studio Chops tho :P


Usually I prefer the more retro sounds of the (S)NES, Mega Drive and so on to work with, guess I'm old ;) I think I'll manage... I'll let it simmer in the back of my head for a day or so, usually something comes out. 

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New voting procedure starting this round!


Voters, post your top three remixes in this thread as follows.

  • Your name
  • First place choice remix name
  • Second place choice remix name
  • Third place choice remix name
  • Your Team Name (if you have one)

Team name on the fifth line is new. If you don't have a team, don't include a fifth line.


Copy your team name from the first post in the voting thread so that capitalization is consistent.


I'm working on getting scores for round 2 and 3 into my tracking sheet. Once that's done, I'll publicize scores and keep the sheet updated week to week.

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So my process for this mix this round was 

1) Write riff
2) What even is genre
3) Welp guess I'll put them next to each other
4) Everything I learned in highschool was a waste of time
5) Is the time signature 4/4?
6) If yes, add or subtract a beat
7) Repeat 6 until satisfactory
8-) Cry at your wasted childhood 
9) submit

liek if u crie everytiem

1 like = 1 bar of 7/8

EDIT: I feel like the face is mocking my wasted childhood. I can't blame it. 

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