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OCRA-0008 - Sonic 3 & Knuckles: Project Chaos


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I'll just reiterate what I said on the guestbook.

Snappleman, every track you touched turned to awesome. On fire. Same went with BrainCells, and I was quite glad to see the two of you do another collab. Top stuff gentlemen.

Hadyn, your tracks still have very much a Linkin Park vibe to them. This is to your credit - Linkin Park make great music (shame about the lyrics) so good stuff all round.

Mr Baranowsky - wtf lyrics? Good track but wtf lyrics? You're lucky you can sing well.

housethegrate, you did great justice to Hydrocity's theme with your track. Thank you.

Kanjika, your first track wasn't anything spectacular, but your WIPs were pretty good and your take on Sky Sanctuary was incredible. Great to hear.

Chthonic, nice and energetic track you've got there.

jmr, I admit, I was expecting the worst when I saw what your source tune was, as Endless Mine was one of my favourites and I was sure it wouldn't be done justice. I was wrong. You did a superb job with Endless Mine, and for that I thank you.

To the remixers not explicitly named: Your tracks were decent, but just didn't jump out at me. Keep in mind I was listening to these at around 7:30am local time, and it was fairly noisy, so therefore this shouldn't be taken as an absolute indication that your tracks aren't as good as the mixers' named.

WIP artists, goddammit, why do you leave us hanging? Why?

Overall, good work ladies and gentlemen.

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I woke up this morning, another day at the office... Then I look at OCR (I've been checking just about daily for the release of project chaos since the WIP page got locked). And what do you know, ITS THERE! I just about hollered "YYYEEEEEHHAAAAAA" at the top of my lungs, but my family was still asleep. Thanks Snappleman and everyone who worked long and hard on this project.

For those who have already rocked. I salute you.

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I remember back in March, I think, Snappleman kicked me from the project because I was late on my song. I freaked out and finished the rest of it in like two days so I could get back on board. Hahaha. Seems funny in retrospect.

Anyways, it's cool to be a part of this project.

Good thing you did. Your song is amazing

BTW, Kanjika, are you going to finish the S3 Credits WIP and submit it? Cause you should. It's an awesome piece

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Oh man, now that I gave this entire thing a listen, I can easily say that this is the best site project yet. I'm really sad that Rayza's tune could never be completed because holy hell it's amazing. But on to the actual project...

Kanjika surprised me the most. When I first saw the project, I saw that he had some of my favorite songs, but I had never heard anything done by him. Both of his songs are freakin epic.

Hetcenus also surprised me. Never heard anything by him. Classy piano stuff. Rexy did great, too.

Hydrocity is my favorite tune on the soundtrack, I nearly shit my pants when I saw that house got it. Good to see my extremely high expectations were not disappointed.

Braincells and Snappleman (as well as norg and Ashane), hawt shit. I rocked hard to all of it.

I also loved the rest of the stuff. I especially liked some of the quirky stuff by GameBox and DannyB. I found myself grooving hard to Robotnik Radio. All in all, there weren't any bad tracks. Great work all around. I really can't pick any favorites because so many of them are just that good.

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Of all the songs (which I can hear, the torrent doesn't have fixed tracks) the only one that was "meh" was the death egg mix. I liked the Ice Cap one, but both Ice Cap and Death Egg weren't recognizable to me.

Everything not mentioned in the above was unmitigated awesome.

A special shout out to the lyrics in Knuckleduster for having a particular quality which I require in nearly all lyrics I listen to, which is the quality of having incomprehensible words. I'm very particular about this - if merely the sentences are incomprehensible, it's annoying, but if I can't tell what the words are, it's just another instrument.

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I must admit, there are a few songs that I can't recognize and a few songs that take about a minute for me to be able to recognize a theme. Either my musical ear sucks, it's been far too long since I've played the game, or you guys are too damn subtle. :)

However, I want to make it clear that I think every song is K I C K A S S, even the ones I can't recognize. Rockin' guitar work, piano music that makes me want to cry, fresh and wonderful interpretations of old favorites, it's all there.

please don't park on me...

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I'm making a second post because this album is so freaking awesome.

One of the ways to measure if a remix is good is (if you have played the game of course) if you're listening to the music and you find yourself thinking, "Damn, I really want to play this again!" This album does that for me.

It's funny, last spring I randomly downloaded Sonic 3 and S&K and played through it a couple times. While playing I noticed two things, how great the music is - especially considering sega genesis' not so great capabilities (as compared to SNES) - and then also found myself asking how anyone preferred Mario over Sonic.

Then I was like, "Fuck, they need to do a remix project of these two games."

And now we have Project Chaos. You guys are awesome, thank you.

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This came out pretty well I think.

My only criticism is that there were a few that I thought were great and intricate musical works...but had little to do with their original counterparts. Those few seemed to either bury the actual theme or alter it enough so as to be mostly unrecognizable. That was kind of disappointing because some of the tracks guilty of this are some of the best from the original score. Even so, those pieces were really well done.

My personal favorite is Hydrocity, but there are quite a few tracks in that list that I find fantastic. I also wanted to mention that I was pleasantly surprised by Kanjika's take on Hidden Palace and Sky Sanctuary; it was both unexpected and very well executed.

Overall, a good job by all involved.

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I also have a problem with a few of the tracks being not as good as the originals, like the ones that are track 1-35... :)

There's no way to compete with the FM synthesis goodness of the Sega Genesis, especially when it's done so amazingly well like in this game. But overall, I doo agree that some of the more inexperianced artists took more of a liberal approach to the songs. Although I think it's more a matter of losign focus of the original songs.

The OST is strongest in its bass and drums, and while the melodies are very good, they're not as defining as the rhythm section. It takes a keen ear and a good understanding of what it is about the song that makes it recognizable that will help you produce a song which is easily recognizable and at the same time not just a straight cover.

I mean, take Rexy's Angel Island rendition or Gecko's Launch Base song, for example, if they had concentrated more on keeping the original basslines intact and used them to hold the song together better, their songs would be recognizable while at the same time allowing for all kinds of arrangement in the melody department.

Don't get me wrong, those and all the other songs are great, but the key is to try and figure out what the composers were going for, and then try to expand on their vision in a way you think they'd have taken it had it not been a 50 second loop for a videogame.

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Don't get me wrong, those and all the other songs are great, but the key is to try and figure out what the composers were going for, and then try to expand on their vision in a way you think they'd have taken it had it not been a 50 second loop for a videogame.

Or just do what you do and rock the original song the fuck out, with some rad solos thrown in for good measure. Works for me. :P

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