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18 minutes ago, bluelighter said:

Signatures was the best way to help artists to promote their work. I don't understand this decision.

Anyway, I've had curiosity today to read the guideline : https://ocremix.org/info/Forum_Rules_and_Posting_Policy

The paragraph about signatures still appears here. Maybe it can be deleted.

Yeah. I've been silent on this issue until now, but I really want the signatures back.  Doesn't feel right like this.  And the self-promotion threads/subsections at OCR and on the Discord often fall on deaf ears.  Maybe we should do a poll....

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On 1/1/2020 at 4:23 AM, Dyne said:

Interesting debate here. It's sad to see signatures go, but I've seen all to often what happens when someone loses their web server space or their link is cut off because they ran out of bandwidth. If it wasn't so costly to host all of those signatures, I'd suggest a web server solution run by OCR itself as a storehouse for signatures.

It was already like that before this change. Back in October, I stumbled across something in my profile and I was able to upload my Halloween signature there in the signature option (it used the same "choose files" setup that you see on each post you make). The file was then hosted on OCR, which is how people were able to see that image for a couple of months before the signature option was pulled.

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