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OCR01539 - New Super Mario Bros. "Mushroom Maddness"


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Ooh, the first New SMB remix.

First off, I like the slight distortion. Reminds me of vinyl, which seems suitable to me, considering the nature of NSMB in itself. The part starting around 1:20 reminds me of Sonic for whatever reason. Same goes for around 1:45. Digging the scratching about 2/3 of the way through.

As a whole, I think this mix does a great job of combining the old meets new style of NSMB.

Plus it just sounds good.


Whoa, epic. Not only is this the first review in this topic, but it was coincidentally my 5000th post. EPIC

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This track is fun! Just like the original too!

Man, so many colorful things going on here. It's a good thing I have a sweet tooth, because there's a lot of ear candy to be had. Even beyond that, I'm really enjoying the soloing and how the remixer knows what makes a beat tasty and enjoyable to listen to for minutes on end.

Speaking of the end, it came before I expected it. I wanted more of what I was hearing for the last minute. Perhaps that'd be overkill to some, but I really do have a thing going on for the original track, especially ever since hearing Koji perform it live at the video games music concert in Chicago. Watching Koji bob and weave his head throughout the song as he jammed out is a memory unlike any other and which I'll never let go. This track brought that vibe and memory back just a little bit stronger. Happy times.

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Yes, old skool vibes are awesome here especially when incorporating some of the NES arps! That gets you high points right there. I especially loved in terms of composition the way you blended all Mario themes here including the pulling down of the flag. Excellent work.

BTW Are some of those beats Magix Musik Maker 7 samples? I've gotten rid a those a long time ago after my second mix here and my first VGMix 2 release (which has the second beat which starts at 0:09). Ah, well, it's not the samples that I'm judging. It's the way you used them. I'd reccomend limiting the royalty free loops from E-Jay or Magix and just make your own beats. Other than that, awesome. Woo, ho hooo, yahooooo! I love it! Toodles!


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Thanks for the kind words and warm welcome everyone. I hope to contribute more here soon! You have no idea how good it makes me feel that I was able make something worthy enough to go here! I am honored to be among the collection of wonderful ReMixes at OCremix.

Good call on the Magix Music Maker 7, you are correct!

I hope to contribute more soon and improve even further.


I YES'ed this mix once, and I'd YES it again. Sooooooooooooo good!


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I love this mix. Its quirky and a bit odd, which honestly is exactly what Mario is. I find it just really fun to listen to, and something different from what I find to be the usual on the site.

Highly recommended for anybody looking for something a bit 'different.'

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This is a great song, very enjoyable.

I dig the vinyl flavour in the beginning, simply because I am a sucker for that effect. Adds a lot of atmosphere.

The only thing annoying me slightly is the effect that sounds like a bunch of keys rattling, starting at 1:07 (until ~1:35).

The scratching part starting at 2:42 is pure awesome, and gets even better from 2:52 on. Incredible.

The raising-of-the-flag bit at the end just rounds it all up.

Nice work, I hope to hear more of your work soon.

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This song has been on my playlist for at least 2 months, which is something of a record in my book. The only mix to achieve that before was Star Salzman's "Pillar of Salt."

I just have to say, this mix just has a quality that others don't. Easily the best SMB remix on the sight. I love the "death theme" acting as a transition at 0:55. That was enough to sell me on the song from the start.

I look forward to hearing the next piece you do Jredd.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01539 - New Super Mario Bros. "Mushroom Maddness"

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