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An OCR new year - Resolutions? (Happy New Years!)


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As this year draws to a close (or, by the time some people read this thread, it already has), the practice of resolutions rears its head for a brief moment, before being forgotten a week later entirely.

My resolutions?

- Get more exercise. I'm a skinny white jewish kid that spends all day playing video games, all while barely leaving his house. Stereotype, yes. Fun? Eh... only sorta.

- Better grades in school (Never hurts to throw one like this in the mix)

- Get a mix up on ocr. It's gonna happen, just you wait and see...

What resolutions are you planning to ignore this year?

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There's a lot of things I should probably do. Make an album, sell my music to some huge depository of other shitty music for commercial use, get Anime Remix out of its rather dead state [HALP] even though that's not really possible, get a job and work on moving the fuck out of this house, get a car, get a few friends, a place to call my own... That's pretty much it.

Oh yeah, and soon I'll get to work on writing that chiptune tutorial!

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1. Get more friends -- I'm seriously lacking in this area.

2. Get more exercise -- Again, seriously lacking in this area, but at least I'm taking Kendo these days.

3. Improve my grades -- This past semester really sucked for me, and my grades suffered a huge hit. I really need to bring them back up.

4. Write more of my story in less time (ie: write faster) -- It's taken me about 4 years to write 8 chapters of my story (shameless plug), and I really need to pick up the pace if I'm going to get it done in a reasonable amount of time.

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I've never really done the resolution thing, but I suppose the this year I'll seek to continue working out on a regular basis, as I have been for the past two years or so. It's worked well so far, in the past two or three years I have lost about 60-ish pounds. Now I want to build muscle, so I guess my resolution will be to do more weight lifting. And as always, I'll seek to further improve my chefery skills.

I'd also like to try and gain some sort of actual social life...yeah, that'd be nice.

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1. Be a better person- be more considerate, be smarter, more alert, and listen better.

2. Have at least half of the comic I'm working on done (including art) and have an interesting story ready for my next comic.

3. Have all the concepts done for my main characters

4. Learn to mix and have a WIP or two by the end

5. Make money

6. Get good grades

7. Learn to make GOOD art

8. Learn not too make stupid New Year's resolutions

Well...I have no idea if I'll actually finish any of these, but who knows? as long as the new year ends better than this year, I'll be happy.

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1. Learn to cook better, I seriously suck at cooking...

2. Uhh, learn how to play the keyboard better.

3. Finish all the WIP's I got goin so I can do some new stuff.

Oh yeah and Pi get some arm and leg weights that joggers/martial artists use and wear while playing the Wii...BRILLIANT

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Ok, let's do this.

1 - Get a YES (with high praises) from Larry and Vig. - I shall work very hard on that.

2 - Make my girlfriend the happiest girl ever.

3 - Collabs, lots of collabs.

4 - Start working as a junior researcher for one of my University Teachers.

5 - Get my drivers license. (Girlfriend says: "Oh thank god!")

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Not really resolutions, more like aims:

1. Get AABB at least for my A levels.

2. Get a mix or two on OCR.

3. Write some goddamn original material for once.

4. (Please don't hurt me) Start a project once the ones I'm in are done/my part in them is done.

5. Take drum lessons.

6. Learn to play this mandolin I got for christmas.

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I think everyone should resolve to quit bitching about the new vBulletin. Because it's fucking awesome. AWESOME.

Good work DJP! I am quite pleased.

Also, my resolution is to never live in Washington State ever again. My lease ends today, I'm staying with la familia for a few days, and then I'm leaving this fucking horrible state in the dust forever.

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1. Finish a third album and distribute it online and in physical stores.

2. Finish the Final Fantasy 7 ReMix project, Voices of the Lifestream, and release it.

3. Earn $10,000 (or more) from music-related endeavors.

4. Exercise more often. Take at least one decent walk (1 mile or more) every week for NO purpose other than to exercise. eg. Not a walk to McDonalds.

5. Get more proficient at playing guitar - practicing at least 15 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week.

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