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Looking for ReMixes with singing in them


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Heya guys, a while back (before the site was restructured again) someone had put up a post asking for remixes with singing in it. I searched the forums to try to find said list, but could not, so i would ask you guys to try to help me find them again, and put them back up, or steer me towards and already made one. Thanks for the help guys, and I have two recent ones to start with.

http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01537/ "Summoner's love"

http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01573/ "Forever until tommorrow"

thanks in advance for the help guys

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-Remixes with lyrics from in-game samples not included in list. (Ex. Jet Set Radio: Late Night Sneakin')

-I've only listed the name of the vocalists in the list below

ReMixes with lyrics:

OCR00936/"Komet Non-Stop" -Makke (lyrics not listed on page)

OCR01125/"Niggaz 4 Life" -zyko

OCR01134/"'Knuckles' Unknown from M.C.'" -Jose the Bronx Rican

OCR01215/"In the Air Mix" -Makke

OCR01236/"I Got the Spacebeam" -Star Salzman

OCR01317/"Cursed Bloodline" -Dennis Mott

OCR01346/"Live at the Springyard" -Harmony

OCR01350/"Memories Frozen in Time" -Just Us (lyrics not listed on page)

OCR01367/"Mix Dizz" -Makke

OCR01388/"Summertime" -Hale-Bopp

OCR01419/"Smooth Delivery" -Mythril Nazgul

OCR01536/"It's Binary Baby! Album Mix" -Makke

ReMixes with non-lyrical vocals:

OCR00177/"Shanecappella VoxBeat" -Shanecappella

OCR01145/"Dragon's Prayer" -Destiny

OCR01521/"Via" -Pixietricks

OCR01563/"Tragedy of a Bullet" -Neil Benjamin

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Well, the only way that I could possibly think of is to check the said remix that you're looking for and check to see if it actually does have lyrics. I don't actually recall there being any type of big-assed list of lyrical remixes, (I could be wrong...) but dude, you're gonna have to start trekkin' the site.

Where you're supposed to download, for some remixes there is a tab labelled lyrics. Hope that helps somewhat.

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Thought I might update this with a couple more recent ones, and others that I don't think were mentioned:

DCT & Just Us - Sonic 3 - Memories Frozen in Time

PlanetSkill - Sonic 2 - Oil Ocean (WT-40 Mix)

Trenthian - Wizards & Warriors - Wizards in my Armor (Warriors in my Long Johns)

The Megas - Mega Man 2 - The Annihilation of Monsteropolis

There's also the the Radical Dreamers: Thieves of Fate and FF7 VotL albums, which have a couple of tracks each. KF

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