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Christmas/Holiday/Winter ReMixes


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Its early yeah i know but i am going to be doing some entertaining. I would love an OCR christmas mix CD. I know of at least 2 good ones on here. Are there more? If so help me find them please! :D

I think you're fucked on this one. Unless you make your theme sort of a Chillout theme, then some folk on here can provide you with a list. Until then, uh, enjoy your two mixes? *shrugs*

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Here's number 3. It's not an OCRemix (although it's probably pretty close to being OCR-worthy): Mario's Sleigh Ride by the One-Ups.

You're not going to find much else that's Christmas-related here because it's pretty hard for mixers to make a mix that has enough interpretation of a game tune to meet submission standards but still includes enough of any other source material to be a Christmas song.

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Here we go....

On OCR, you'll find the following:

Mario Sleigh Ride (from SMW)

Christmas Cave (from DKC)

Prehistoric Xmas (from Bonk's Adventure)

Christmas NiGHTS_MerryLittleChristmas (from NiGHTS)

Christmas in the Village (from Lufia 2)

Dirge for the Frosty Plains (from Secret of Mana)

Frosty Delight (from Megaman 8)

Go grab all of Dale North's Christmas stuff that isn't on OCR already (especially the FF1 sailing Christmas mix)

Then, Asheman's "Carol of the Final Fantasy Belles" is extremely good as well -- don't know where you'll find it with VGMix down though...give it a shot!

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I have a whole christmas/snow-themed playlist. I used the winamp generated html thing and copied it down onto a text file, if anyone's interested in scrolling through it. It's got quite a few OCR/VGMix tracks on it, as well as stuff from video games. Some of the rest is available free at The Internet Archive.

Here's the DL. Format is Artist - Album - Trackname (length). Enjoy!

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Thanksgiving ain't officially over yet, but I figured that if the retailers could do it before Halloween ended, I've got no problem jumping the gun by less than two hours.

So, post any wintery, Christmasy, or holiday...y ReMixes.

Here's what I've found in my vast collection:

Christmas Nights MerryLittleChristmas - Dale North

Donkey Kong Country Chekan Winter - Prophecy

Donkey Kong Country Christmas Cave - Deim0s

Final Fantasy 6 Death on the Snowfield - AmIEvil

Lufia 2 Christmas in the Village (Silver Bells) - Dale North

Mega Man 6 Flurry of Frozen Fury - Vurez

Metal Gear Solid LiquidMetal - Vigilante

Metroid Prime Just a Little More (Prime Edit) - DarkeSword

Secret of Mana Cry From The Forest - Mustin, Kassie!

Secret of Mana Dirge for the Frosty Plains - mp

Secret of Mana IceCrystal - Zeratul

Sonic 3D Snow - Jivemaster

Sonic 3 MemoriesFrozeninTime - DCT, Just Us

Super Ghouls'N Ghosts ICE MTN Symph - McVaffe

Super Mario World Super Mario's Sleigh Ride - OneUp Mushrooms

Wild Arms Not Alone in the World - Dale North, Jaxx

William Wobbler AWilliamWobblerChristmas - Slow Poison

Megaman 8 Frosty Delight - DjChako

Megaman Zero 2 Cool Mind - DragonLord

NiGHTS into dreams... Soft Museum Jam - McVaffe

Mario Kart 64 - Party in the Snowland - DarkeSword

Final Fantasy Adventure Wish Upon a Wendellian Star - Big Giant Circles

Final Fantasy 10 Summoner's Love - DragonAvenger, EFields

Super Ghouls'N Ghosts Ice Mountain Symphony - McVaffe

Final Fantasy 7 Frozen Landscape (Buried in Snow) - Tweek

Ducktales The Amazon Session - Gux

Terranigma Blue (Shooting Star) - ziwtra

Terranigma Aquamarine - mv

Perfect Cherry Blossom Icy Peaks - Justus Johnston

Zelda Eutopia Pegasi - the wingless, Destiny

Secret of Mana Tidal Sequence - djpretzel

Secret of Mana Aphrodite Oceanus - the wingless

Zelda Twilight Princess Tattered Slippers - DarkeSword

Shadow of the Colossus Snowfall on Forbidden Lands - ceilli, sephfire

Final Fantasy Adventure Gifts of Mana - Ziwtra

And a few independant of OCReMix. Some of them came from VGMix before it went down, and consequently have incomplete tags:

BAM! Zip of the following songs is now available!

Mirror'd once for your convenience, and again!

Final Fantasy 6 All is Calm - Dale North

Final Fantasy 6 Lonely Christmas on the Veldt - (Unknown - VGMix)

Final Fantasy 10 Far North (Glacier Mix) - abg

Final Fantasy 9 Memories, Frozen In Time - Sefiros

Final Fantasy Carol of the Final Fantasy Belles - Ashaman

Final Fantasy Christmas Sailing - Dale North, Kaijin (Tim Sheehy)

Final Fantasy Tactics Dawn over Ivalice - (Unknown, Darangen, perhaps?)

Harvest Moon Frozen Crops - Joel Sim

Metroid Prime Drifting Away - (Unknown, VGMix)

Secret of Mana Winter Secret - Musharraf

Star Ocean 2 Frozen Dreams - Destiny

Suikoden A night before Christmas - (Unknown, VGMix)

Zelda 64 O Stormy Night - Darkesword/Shariq Ansari

Zelda Wind Waker Carol of the Windfish - Happy de Guzman

Post your seasonal ReMixes, and I'll add 'em to the list!

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Ah, I hadn't even thought of that. I'll see if I can get around to compiling a zip of those sometime tomorrow.

That would be pretty cool of you! No pressure though, you've got a whole shopping season to do it :P

Also, I'd like to add a couple of songs to the OCR list:

Megaman 8 "Frosty Delight" by DjChako

Megaman Zero 2 "Cool Mind" by DragonLord

NiGHTS into dreams... "Soft Museum Jam" by McVaffe (this one's a bit of a stretch but whenever I hear it I think about flying arond a snowy mountaintop... Weird, huh?)

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