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Black Sigil: Blade of the Exiled for Nintendo DS (CT Style RPG)


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Wow, it looks really good... looks a lot like CT / SD2 feel.

I wonder if they can really produce it with so few staffs though.

Easily. Given enough time and assuming he people involved work well together, a game can be put together with as little as 3 people (assuming no one has overlapping skill sets): an artist, a musician/sound person, and a programmer. I've coded the better part of a 2D RPG engine on my own in about a year, and that was as a beginning programmer; I could do it faster now (or at least, produce better, more reusable code that would fit better with whatever tools the level designer needed).

As a one-person project, RPGs are tough to do, but for that kind of project, they have more than enough staff.

I'm really looking forward to it. I'm not one to buy software without seeing a review first unless it's pretty much guaranteed to be awesome, such as Phantom Hourglass, but I will be waiting for it to come out and will likely be buying it soon after its release.

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"Effect" as in "Chrono Trigger will 'directly cause' sales of BotE"?

or "Affect" as in "Chrono Trigger will 'indirectly increase/decrease' sales of BotE (due to stylistic similarities)"?

Owned. I usually am pretty good about effecting the correct form of that verb, too. :(

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