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  1. Ok, but what's the bad news? Honestly, I was considering pulling my track from the project just because of how much of a jackass Strader was being (not that it was in any way out of character for him). Now I'll actually do my best to finish it.
  2. I'll be there for at least some of it; don't know if I'll be there for all of it
  3. I have no objections. It's no different than advertisements on the site going to help pay for the site. I'm kind of baffled that it's provoked such a negative reaction
  4. WOOOOOOOOW THIS MIX IS FANTASTIC! OCR needs more mixes like this
  5. There's a park near my house. It used to always be empty. ..... it no longer is. Ever.
  6. It looks like a western fantasy/exploration RPG set in Hyrule. ... and I'm totally fine with all of that.
  7. I feel like it had a little too much reverb, but otherwise this was excellent
  8. Que hermosa este cancion! Me encanta! Minimalist, not a lot going on, but that's the way this sort of arrangement should be. Sweet, emotive, longing, beautiful!
  9. HOLY SHIT THIS IS AMAZING. I love absolutely everything about this mix. The bass, the B3, the piano, the composition, the production, the arrangement..... I could go on.
  10. The mixing and balance sound good enough to me. I like the feel of the piano. I don't like the lead that comes in at 1:43; I'd use a different patch for that. Overall, it seems a bit tonally bland. It would benefit from a bit more grit, a bit more edge, I think. Not sure how best to go about this. Arrangement in the first section is pretty conservative, but you mix it up a bit more as you go.
  11. So it looks like Darangen can't make it, which means I'll have a room to myself. If you're looking for a place to jam/game/crash/leave your stuff, hit me up.
  12. I don't know if any of my stuff fits the bill, but if so I have no objections. How does one get certified to be a personal trainer anyway?
  13. I think we just had a facebook chat going the whole time last year
  14. Oh, forgot to say: Much appreciated. I think my timing was noticeable off-rhythm at a few points, but I'm rather proud of the lead solo nonetheless. One thing I do want to point out: the plucked instrument that comes in on the left side at 1:44 is not me; that's Andy's work, done with a samples.
  15. More or less. Dronebone, I totally get what you're saying in that it could be improved. The production could have been better. The four live performances could have been better. If the five of us were to get together and make a remix now, we could probably do something that sounds much cleaner, much more professional. But here's how I see it: listening to music doesn't always mean listening to pristine studio recordings; sometimes it means listening to your buddy's band rock out in his garage. Do they sound as pristine as what you hear on the radio? No. But does that at all detract from the fun? Not at all. This wasn't "let's sit down and make the best damn remix ever" sort of thing; it was more like "hey, we got five remixers here in Andy's basement, so let's throw a track together." It was a jam session between five buddies. It is entirely possible that my perception of this remix is biased by the fact that I consider that jam session to be one of my most treasured memories, but when I listen to this track, I wouldn't change a single thing. Not one waver of Jill's voice, not one aspect of Andy's production, not Mike's cheesy lyrics, not Steve's 3AM rapping, not my off-rhythm guitar playing, not one single thing would I change.
  16. This assessment could not possibly be further from the truth. As for the rest of the post, I'm sorry you didn't like the song. It is, looking back on it after ten years, probably not up to the standards that any of the five of us would shoot for if we were to make it today, but if I were to go back and redo the song all over, I wouldn't have wanted to do anything different.
  17. The Eagles were my first favorite band when I was a kid (and remain one of my favorite bands to this day). Frey gets at least part of the credit for the fact that I am into music at all, and definitely gets some credit for my love of guitars. One of my first remix submissions was an arrangement that combined "Gathering Stars in the Night Sky" from Xenogears with the Eagles song "Desperado." So tonight I raise a glass to the memory of Glenn Frey
  18. Love it! Awesome piano work, great arrangement, I love everything about this
  19. This is the Willrockiest Willrock mix I've ever heard, and I love every second of it. I went in expecting epic awesome uplifting poptronica + guitars, and holy balls did this track deliver on all of my hopes and then some.
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