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Super Smash Bros Brawl

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also this whole taunt to switch samus thing is either extremely difficult or im retarded

It's quite hard to pull off. When I tried once I got it almost immediately, but a second time I tried for over 2 minutes and nothing.

The command should have been much easier. Also, gamecube D-pad sucks, probably easy on Classic Controller.

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I actually think Nintendo's technique of not giving main characters voices, and generally not doing a significant amount of character development, is a deliberate and very effective technique; it allows the players to give the characters whatever personalities they see fit to.

If it's for simple games like SSBB, that is appropriate. But I don't think that works for all the games, especially nowadays. Most of the characters in gaming now (Nintendo games included) have definite personalities and quirks. They are not 'make believe into anything you desire' characters of the 2D era. That's simply an antiquated outlook.

I think it only makes sense for characters that simply don't or wouldn't really need to talk like Kirby or Donkey Kong. Others, there's no reason why they can't say ONE LINE of dialog in a game. Whatever it is Nintendo decided to do, it's really not a definitive thing as to why they don't. But I tend to believe it's because most Japanese developers, especially one as super-conservative as Nintendo sometimes tends to be, to not incorporate these things into games. Look at just about all the recent American game efforts and they are FULLY voiced to perfection. Just imagine the headache and lack of character if Ratchet and Clank were total mutes. It's hard to imagine that now.

It's like reading a book as opposed to watching a movie; in a book (or a game) we can give the characters whatever voice we dream up for them, but when we actually hear their voices, it's almost always a disappointment.

I'm glad Nintendo doesn't make extensive use of voice acting.

If you want to read a book then read a book. Like I said, for simple games like SSBB, it may make sense.

But not for all their games. Some of their games could rely on voicing and look at recent Mario games. They have since moved from the text to full voicing for some of their games. It just flows a lot better.

As for Zelda, I don't think the blank-slate-avatar thing works with that franchise anymore. Link is a defined character over the years and we're not in the NES age of Zelda games anymore. Also, even if Link himself stays relatively mute, that doesn't mean all the other characters should sit there and throw hundreds of lines of text when it could be more serviceable to be voiced.

If you're somehow inferring that all voiced games are a nuisance in the same light just because Nintendo is on one side of the fence, I have to disagree. But like I said, it seems Nintendo seems to be more apt to using voices like with their recent Mario games and spinoffs. Now Zelda desperately needs some, even if they're still subtitled with Japanese voice if they need to, because reading text-blips is ridiculous for action games in 2008.

PS- Looking at some of the Final Smashes again, doesn't Ice Climbers' one seem to be the most easily abusable? You'd have to be a total non-gamer if you can't smash someone with that one.

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and look at recent Mario games. They have since moved from the text to full voicing for some of their games. It just flows a lot better.

What? Which Mario games are full voiced? I mean, they all have one-liners they throw out repeatedly, but that isn't full voicing. I can only think of one Mario game that had full voice acting for spurts any more than one or two short sentances, Sunshine. And the voices were absolutely wretched and definitely was a negative aspect.

I'm not inherently refuting your main point, but I can't even begin to imagine what you're talking about with Mario.

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Failure indeed. Suddenly the name "Landmaster" becomes invariably ironic.

OMG guys have you heard the remixes from Metroid Prime 1 & 2?

They Bloody OWN!!!!

Specially the Prime 1 Menu remix, its freaking sweet!

I love 'em :mrgreen:

I listened to the MP2 track, turns out it's the rarely heard Super Metroid Brinstar green place remix from MP2's multiplayer mode!! Superb choice =D

And does anyone else think that the intro voiceover for the Brinstar (Metroid 1) song sounds like a toy commercial? It's not the first thing I thought of, but after someone else noticed it and told me, to me it'll forever sound like an action figure commercial.

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I need some help, obviously the spoilers from this game have become totally rampant, and i desperately want to play this game for myself ASAP. Although I am not getting the Japanese version and I do not want to pre-order it because of the shipping time after the actual release date. What chain retail store do you guys think are definitely going to be overstocked on it?

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